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  • Electric Roller Shutter Garage Door
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  • Fully Enclosed Top Box
  • Internal Override System
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  • Expertly Measured & Fitted
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Why Choose Garolla for your Electric Garage Door?

Here at Garolla, we specialise in manufacturing and installing the highest quality electric garage doors in the UK. If you have a garage door that is old or damaged, or you feel it isn’t secure enough for your belongings, an electric garage door is a perfect solution.

Our electric roller garage doors are not only more secure than a standard garage door, but they are also made to measure. This means that you’ll receive a bespoke fitted garage door, that  makes full use of the space available. 

We also stock these doors in a range of colours to make yours personalised to your home, as well as making sure they are thermally efficient through our design. With the highest quality service, there are many reasons to choose Garolla. Our in-house quality control team also inspects every single door before they are dispatched and delivered using our own network.

You can use our door design tools below to create your electric garage door or use our design tool to create a replacement garage door. You can receive an instant quote of which all our prices are fully inclusive. So that includes measuring, fitting, and VAT. We never surprise you with hidden fees.

As an essential extra, we can install a discreet external override that allows you to enter your garage if your garage door is the only access point for your garage. This is vital during times of emergency.


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    Optional Extras

    The internal override comes as standard.

    As a premium supplier of roller garage doors the back box, fascia panel, two remote controls and the manual override all come as standard.

    You are also able to add extras onto your order which are featured below; if you don’t see what you are looking for then please give us a call.



    When it comes to security, our electric garage doors ensure that the contents of your garage are secured. With ultimate protection for your items with an attractive design, we can offer specialist features that are unique to Garolla garage doors.

    Our roller garage door slats (which form the main sectional curtain) are all manufactured from aluminium which is a well-known material for being strong and lightweight.

    The bottom slat is also firmly held in place using high-strength end locks, preventing it from being forced out of place.

    Garolla’s garage doors become even more secure with our auto-locking system. This consists of a 70mm octagonal barrel that is attached to the top latch. This means more security than the round barrel used in traditional garage doors.


    Pulling up to the drive when it’s raining? You can operate and open your garage doors with a remote control. This remote can’t be duplicated ensuring you, your car, and your property is all safe and secure.

    Our ‘Hold to Run’ feature allows you to stop the system from working automatically when you stop pressing the buttons, this is also known as a ‘Dead Man’s Switch’. There is also an option to add an automated stop to your garage so that if it hits an obstacle it will halt.

    As standard, our electric garage doors come with 2 wireless remote controls, with additional available on request. You also get a wired push button that fixes to your garage wall along with an emergency hand crank system that allows the door to operate without power. To ensure that our doors run smoothly throughout their lives, we only use the highest quality components.


    If you are looking for an insulated garage door, then Garolla is the place to be. Our range of garage doors are designed to minimise heat loss and keep your garage warm. In cases where your garage is attached to your house, it is essential to prevent any cold from the garage from entering your home.

    All our garage door slats are insulated using CFC free foam, which not only increases thermal efficiency but also helps insulate against sound. The bottom slat is also fitted with a rubber seal that helps prevent any drafts and water entering your garage.


    We use anti-corrosive and abrasion-resistant paint to ensure that our electric garage doors maintain their newly bought appearance for a long time. This means our doors are low maintenance and the slats are easy to clean with just a wipe down required from time to time.

    The shutters on our garage doors come in a range of colours, 24 to be exact. We even stock several realistic textured wood-grain paints in order to match your home style. As our garages are made to measure and available in different slat sizes, we can ensure no matter the shape of your garage we can provide. 

    For smaller garages that only have a minimal amount of headroom at the top, our 55mm slats are for you. For larger garages that require a heightened amount of security, rigidity, and thermal efficiency, we have our 77mm slats.

    To expand on our thermal efficiency point, our garage door slats are insulated using CFC-free foam which increases the efficiency of your door but also insulates against sound. Meaning a reduction in sound out and less sound in. The bottom slat is also fitted with a rubber seal that helps prevent any drafts and water from entering your garage.