Your garage door questions answered

Homeowner opening Garolla electric garage door with garage door remote control fob

We've answered the top garage door questions to help you choose the best door for your property. Can't find the answer you're looking for? Contact our sales team who will be able to talk you through the Garolla range of roller garage doors.

How much should you spend on a garage door?

The amount you spend on a garage door largely depends on the size of your garage opening. At Garolla we have a range of four roller garage doors, starting with our Transform which is suitable for garages up to 2.5m wide, and our Titan XL which is engineered for garages up to 5.8m wide.

Each of our doors come with different levels of polurethane insulation for added strength across wider openings, along with extras such as deeper guide rails and our industry-leading SafeGuard Plus control system.

How much is a new garage door fitted?

You can get a new garage door fitted by Garolla from just £995 in the shape of our Transform door. Other doors in our range include our Transform Pro (from £1,275), our Titan (from £1,495) and our Titan XL (from £1,725). All of our prices include free fitting and a free five-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

Which type of garage door is best?

We believe we build and fit the best value for money garage doors out there. Our roller garage doors are tough, trusted and transformative. They open and close at the touch of a button, unlock up to 25% more space compared and give your property a clean, modern look.

Every Garolla garage door is made to measure and engineered to withstand everyday life. When we speak to customers, we often ask what they intend to use their garage door in order to determine which of our garage doors is best for them. When it comes to maximum security we would recommend our Titan XL - our toughest electric garage door yet.

However, we're proud of all of our doors and, depending on the size of your garage opening, would be able to recommend any of them for your home.

Are new garage doors worth it?

New garage doors from Garolla have the ability to transform your garage and how you use it, while also revitalising the look of your home. One-touch remote control operation means that you no longer need to try and lift your old up and over garage door, while an enclosed top box which the 'curtain' of slats rolls around means that you can enjoy a garage without the bulky internal framework associated with sectional doors - freeing up to 25% more space. So, are new garage doors worth it? Undoubtedly.

All new Garolla doors also come with a free five-year warranty, so you will also benefit from this extra peace of mind if you're upgrading your old garage door.

Can I install my own garage door?

Garolla has a nationwide of engineers which surveys and fits all of our doors. Fitting is included as part of our service free of charge, so there would be no need to install your own garage door when you choose a Garolla.

What is the cheapest option for a garage door?

The cheapest Garolla garage door is our Transform roller door, with prices starting from £995 - this includes free fitting and a free five-year warranty.

For this, you can revamp your garage and unlock 25% more space and start making more of your garage. Our Transform roller door operates at the click of a button, giving easy and convenient access whether you're parking your car, grabbing garden tools or heading for a workout.

Engineered for garages up to 2.5m wide, our Transform has 55mm high slats which provide a sleek, modern look to your property. It is constructed from tough, twin-walled aluminium slats with polyurethane foam to create an insulated garage door with strength, soundproofing, temperature control and durability. It's then coated in a weatherproof polyamide powder coating for long-lasting, no-fade protection.

Find out more about our cheapest option for a garage door.

How long does it take to fit a new garage door?

It can take as little as an hour to fit a new Garolla garage door, while some of the more complex jobs - which might require remedial work and preparations - could take up to half a day to complete. Of course, our team of expert engineers always make sure that they tidy up after your garage installation, and they will also remove and recycle your old garage door where possible.

What's the best brand of garage door?

We might be biased, but with over 7,000 Trustpilot reviews and a 4.7 'excellent' rating (as of June 2024) Garolla is the UK's number one recommended garage door company. We believe that we offer not only the best value for money garage doors in the country, but also the best service - from our UK-based sales team, to our nationwide network of expert engineers who will survey and fit your garage door, right through to our aftersales team.

How do you burglar proof a garage door?

Garolla roller garage doors are engineered to withstand everyday life and prevent opportunist criminals gaining access to your garage.

Our slats are constructed from double-skinned aluminium and high-density polyurethane foam for added strength. The slats link together to form a 'curtain' which then auto locks in place so that it cannot be lifted manually.

Secure guide rails ensure a straight and secure close with no gaps for prying open.

Our industry-leading SafeGuard Plus operating system comes as standard with our Transform Pro, Titan and Titan XL doors. With state-of-the-art timing technology, SafeGuard Plus constantly monitors the door opening and can be fitted with an optional 98db alarm that sounds if the door is raised off the floor without the control box being activated.

Do garage doors use a lot of electricity?

It might surprise you to learn that, despite eye-watering energy prices, an electric garage door could cost just £3 a year to run.

Check out this recent blog post which looks at how much an electric garage door costs to run to examine the working out!