It has been predicted that this week will the coldest week of the winter, with minus temperatures and snow expected nationwide. Meaning you won’t be turning the heating down or putting those warm jumpers away anytime soon.

Yes, Our Garage Doors Are Also Thermally Efficient!
When the temperatures drop, you may find yourself wondering about your home’s thermal efficiency and where you are losing the most heat. Your windows, external doors, roof and walls are all culprits of heat loss, but did you know that if your garage is attached to your home, this could be a major contender too.

To help keep your home warm and your heating bills down, we have incorporated 4 specialist factors into our Roller Garage Doors that help keep the cold air out of your garage.

(1) Drafts are the main cause of heat loss, as gaps between your door a wall allows cold air to enter the garage and warm air to escape. Our Roller Garage Doors are made to measure and are fitted with side guides, which ensure that your garage has a snug fit and is protected from drafts.

(2) Our slats that form the main curtain of the garage are insulated using CFC free foam and designed to a high specification. Not only does this polyurethane minimise heat loss, but it also helps insulate against sound (vitally important if your garage connects to your home).

(3) As our Electric Garage Doors roll upwards, instead of the traditional up and over or open out garages, their bottom slat can touch the floor when closed. A 25mm rubber seal is also attached to this slat which helps prevent draughts or water entering your garage.

(4) To ensure that our Roller Garage Doors stay thermally efficient for as long as possible they are extremely durable; they are resistant to rain, fluctuations in temperature and corrosion. Combine this with our brilliant guarantee and you know our Garage Doors are built to last!

So, if you want a warmer garage that can withstand the cold days ahead, then you need a Roller Garage Door from Garolla!

As well as these specialist areas helping to improve the thermal efficiency of a garage, they also help towards security, so that you can sleep at night knowing the contents of your garage is protected.

If you have any questions about our Garage Doors or want to receive an instant quote, please call us for free on 0800 468 1982.