Wooden vs. Metal Garage Doors


Choosing the right material for your garage door is an important decision, with each one having pros and cons and a range of styling options. 


You want to factor in all of the variables such as durability, weight, and appearance of your garage door, with each factor being equally essential. In this blog post, we’re looking at the differences between wooden and metal garage doors to help you make that crucial decision.


This comparison table helps you visualise all of the key points, and summarise the reasons that will be mentioned in this article so you can clearly see the pros and cons of each material, aiding you in the decision that is right for you.



Key Points

Metal Garage Door

Wooden Garage Door

 Thermally   Efficient 

  Garolla doors are insulated with CFC-free foam   Wooden doors are thick, helping keep heat in


  Patented remote increases security   Does not have the same security measures as metal doors

 Aesthetically   Pleasing 

  Available in a wide range of colours to match your home, including wood effect garage doors   Looks nice and solid, valuable


  Extreme durability to all weather conditions   Can be prone to warping and rotting

 Easy to maintain 

  Regular, easy checks to be carried out, simple to maintain   Needs regular maintenance to prevent it from becoming damaged


  As it lasts for years, and steel is cheaper to manufacture it is a great cost-effective solution   Lasts a number of years, but needs to be maintained and sometimes replaced which is costly

 Easy to work 

  Remote controlled, open your door from the comfort of your car   Can be heavy to manoeuvre


  Roll up technology ensures you don’t lose any space in your garage   Doors might open in a way that takes up space



Benefits Of Wooden Garage Doors


Solid and sturdy barrier 


Wood garage doors are often solid, which creates a sturdy barrier between the outside world and the contents of your garage. This is great for protecting your garage and blocking out the cold. Having a garage door that protects your garage from low temperatures helps keep your contents dry and is great if you’re using your garage as a spare room.


Wooden doors might be preferred for this reason. However, you don’t miss out on Garollas doors. With each steel door, you get a barrier of insulation keeping your contents warm and dry.


Luxury appearance


The appearance of your garage door is also important. Having a solid wood door not only looks lavish and valuable, but it can match the exterior of your home if you have wooden features.


Investment value


If you take care of your wooden door properly, you could get 15-30 years out of it, so it can be a great investment if you’re willing to put the time and effort into keeping it in top condition.


Disadvantages Of Wooden Garage Doors


Heavy and difficult to move


Due to the solid nature of wood garage doors, they can be quite heavy to move if you haven’t got an automated system installed. This might become tiresome and difficult to manoeuvre, especially in cold weather such as snow where it might need to be pushed through the snow to be closed.


Regular maintenance required


Wooden garage doors require more care and maintenance than metal garage doors. As wood is more sensitive to harsh weather conditions, you might experience rotting or warping of the wood. 


To prevent this, re-painting and sanding might need to be conducted to maintain the quality of your door, and if left untreated may need to be replaced. Due to the ongoing maintenance, it can be more costly to upkeep than having steel garage doors installed. 


Takes up valuable space


A wooden garage door often comes as a swing door, or as an overhead door. Both these openings aren’t very good for space-saving and either take up room in your garage when open or get in the way of your drive.


Benefits Of Metal Garage Doors


Long-lasting and durable


Metal garage doors are much more durable than wooden garage doors. They last longer due to the ability to be protected against corrosion, heat, and water from all weather conditions. As Garolla’s steel garage doors contain a waterproof seal, it effectively keeps water out and ensures your contents remain safe and dry.  


Thermally efficient 


Our metal garage doors are also insulated with CFC-free foam, keeping the inside of your garage warm and thermally efficient. 


Aesthetically pleasing designs


Although metal garage doors don’t have a solid wood feel, often they are available in a wide range of colours. Garolla garage doors have the option to coat your door in a woodgrain effect, having wood effect garage doors means you still get a look of wooden texture with all the benefits of having a metal garage door.


Less ongoing maintenance


As there is high resistance to weather causing damage, a metal door requires less ongoing maintenance than wooden doors. This results in a cost-effective and cheaper solution that remains high-quality and stays just as durable for many years. 


Space-saving design


With a metal door, as the thickness is often less than that of a wooden door, plus the added benefit of it rolling upwards, it often allows for more space within the garage. This space-saving design means you can store more items in your garage, or if it’s a big garage you can use it as an extension to the house.


Heightened security


Metal garage doors also offer more security, with Garolla’s patented remote there’s no opening the door without it. The steel garage doors offer high security with their strong material, and each remote is designed specifically for your door, none of our remotes are replicated.


Easy transportation


Ordering a metal garage door from afar isn’t too much of an issue. As metal is much lighter than thick wooden doors it is easier to transport. Garolla has installers all over the UK so even though metal is easier to deliver we can order it from your nearest installer.


Disadvantages Of Metal Garage Doors


Metal garage doors may not feel as solid as wooden garage doors, this can deter some people as they are looking for thick wooden doors that look sturdy and match the decor of their home.


Steel alone does not protect against heat loss as well as wood, however, this is easily combated. When purchasing a steel garage door, you can make sure your door is insulated so any heat is trapped inside and cold is kept out. This will also help when it comes to insulating any sound coming from your garage if you use it as a room.


Although metal garage doors require a lot less maintenance than wooden doors, they still require regular checks to make sure the mechanism is working correctly. Check for worn hinges, parts that need lubricating, or anything that needs replacing.


Evolution Of Garage Door Materials


Looking back at the history of the materials that garage doors were made from, the first manufactured garage door was made from wood. 


Unlike the modern-day garage door, they were often swinging doors that opened outwards rather than overhead. As it was over 100 years ago, they also didn’t have much security in place and certainly did not keep out drafts. 




In the 20s, more and more demand was increasing for garage doors and so the overhead we most commonly use today was invented. 




This was followed by a surge in the 1950s that introduced garage doors that matched the theme of that particular family home. This is why we see so many garage doors today that come in a wide range of colours and styles.




It wasn’t until the 1970s that metal garage doors made of steel or aluminium emerged, adding more door options to the market. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each material.


We hope this guide has helped you make your decision by analysing the factors that are important to you when purchasing a garage door. 

If you have any questions or need some further assistance, contact Garolla and we’d be happy to advise and provide a quote for your next bespoke, made to measure garage door.