When you purchase a new Garage Door weather it is on a supply only basis, or with an installation service, you want your door to be strong, secure and be visually appealing. Here at Garolla we only specialise in Electric Roller Shutter Doors as we believe we have created a specialised door that will suit any home.

When you compare our Electric Roller Shutter Doors to other styles there is no comparison, these doors protect garages from both the cold and intruders, whilst being space saving in design and looking great. This week our blog is going to look at our Roller Garage Doors and why they are superior to other garage doors.

Why You Should Choose Electric Roller Shutter Doors

The main reason that our customers replace their garage doors, is that they no longer work and are broken in some way. When this happens the security of your garage can be affected and will no longer offer your garage the protection it should. Once our garage doors are installed they are guaranteed to improve your garages security thanks to high strength lock and a twin-walled aluminium slat.

As well as improving a garages security, our Roller Garage Doors will also help keep your garage warm. This is thanks to insulated door slats and a seal that help stop drafts and water entering your garage.

Up and over garage doors as well as outward opening garage doors and eliminate some usable space either outside or inside your garage. However, our garage doors need minimal space, as the garage door itself rolls up tightly into a bop box that is fitted at the top of your garage.

As if all this wasn’t a good enough reason to Purace a new Roller Shutter Garage Door, they are also electric so you can open the door with a push of a button from inside your car.

To start designing your new Roller Shutter Garage Door today, please visit our Garage Door designer or call our team on 0800 468 1982.