A garage door isn’t a purchase that you expect to make more than a once for your home. That’s why here at Garolla, we know that you will want a knew garage door that is strong, secure and built to last. Our products are the highest of quality are guaranteed to last, but we also provide a service that makes us a cut above the rest.

This week our blog is going to look at why we differ to other garage door companies, and why you should choose Garolla!

Why Choose Garolla?
We believe that electric roller shutter garage doors are the best, most secure and thermally efficient garage doors around. This is why we only specialise in these products for the opening of your garage door.

Online quote

You can receive an online quote for your new garage door! All we will need to achieve this is your garage measurements and specifications, as well as your email address so that we can guarantee the quote.

All of our garage doors come with a free guarantee, which helps you be reassured that not only are our products built to last, they will also keep their beautiful appearance.

Customer comes first

When we set up Garolla, over a decade ago, we wanted to create a Roller Shutter Garage Door company that focused on our customer’s wants and needs. To do this we decided to do things a little different to some other garage door companies.

Here at Garolla, you don’t choose your perfect garage door, you design it! Our customers can do this by using our Garage Door Designer, where instead of choosing components you want on your garage, you build your garage door. On this designer, you can choose the size of your garage door, the colour and any accessories you may need. This allows us to show our customer what their garage door will look like whilst building it.

Once your garage door has been created we then give you a quote.

When you receive your quote for your new garage door it doesn’t just include the door. VAT  is also included.

Professional installation service

Unlike some companies, if you choose our professional installation service it will be a garage door installer that conducts your survey, not an intimidating, pushy salesman. In fact, these professionals will not only take the measurements for your new door, but they will also install the garage door and provided aftercare in the unlikely event that something happens to the door.

Nationwide service

Our installers are based all over the nation, meaning that your installer will be from your local area. Giving you the security that a national company offers, whilst also combining this with the commitment that local installers give.

As well as having our own installers we also manufacture and deliver all of our products. Having our own delivery and manufacturing network means that you will always be dealing with us, so in the unlikely case that something goes wrong with the manufacturing or delivery, you deal with the same company.

No hidden costs

Hidden costs are usually how other companies make their money, however, here at Garolla, we don’t believe in any hidden costs; which is why the delivery of all of our products is also free! So, the price that you get quoted on our website, is the price you pay.

If you have any questions about the products we manufacture or about our service then please call our team for free on 0800 468 1982.