Garages come in all shapes and sizes, some are small, others are large, some may be attached to your home, were others may be stood on their own. No matter the style or whereabouts of your garage, here a Garolla we have a range of products that have been designed to secure your garage and improve its kerb appeal.

When your garage is attached to your home, like many modern properties, then you may have different requirements from your doors then if it wasn’t. This week here at Garolla we are going to look at what products you may need if your garage is attached to your home.

What Products You Need If Your Garage Is Attached To Your Home!
A secure garage door is crucial if you can get into your home through your garage, as the adjoining doors are usually not as secure. This lack of security can be seen as a target for any intruders as they can try and enter your property through your garage. Our Roller Shutter Garage Doors are extremely secure and help keep your garage and its contents safe and secure.

When purchasing a new roller shutter garage door there are two slat options you can choose from. Our 77mm slats are more secure compared to our 55mm slats; this is thanks to that slats being thicker. The bottom slat is also made from twin-walled aluminium that is held in place using high strength end locks. To create your perfect roller shutter garage doors please click here.

When purchasing a pedestrian door that leads into your home from your garage, you will have to ensure that this door is a Fire Door as it is the law. Fire Doors are needed as they are engineered to prevent the fire and smoke from spreading, giving people as best a chance as possible of getting out of their home should the worst happen in their garage.