So you’ve decided to order a Garolla roller garage door, but what comes next?

From ordering to installation, we strive to make the whole process as quick and easy as possible. Combining our knowledgeable customer care team, with the expertise of our fitters, we can ensure the quality and speed of every single installation at Garolla.

What Happens During a Garolla Installation?


Choosing from our roller shutter garage doors is the hard part. Once you’ve made the choice it couldn’t be easier to place your order.

You can either send an inquiry form via our website or, alternatively, contact us directly on 0800 468 1982. From there the process is the same. You will be put in contact with a friendly member of our customer care team who will go through and confirm your order. Once the details have been discussed, we will arrange an installer to visit and measure your home at a time convenient for you.

On the day, a local installer will arrive at the previously agreed upon time to measure for your new electric garage door. These measurements will then be sent to our head office where we will begin to manufacture your garage door to your exact specifications.

An installation date and time will then be set, so all you have to do is sit back and wait.



We install electric garage doors UK wide, with local installers spread across the country. The fitter who measured your home will also be the one to install your garage door, so you only ever deal with one person. This allows you to get to know them a little better and limits the possibility of human error.

On the day of your installation, a Garolla installer will arrive with your new roller shutter garage door and all of the tools they will need to complete the installation. Subject to survey, they will start by removing your old door, careful to not damage any surrounding structures, tidying up as they do so.

Once removed, they can then go about fitting your Garolla garage door into the now empty entryway. Starting with your strong frame (if needed,) we secure the foundations before fitting the top box which houses our unique octagonal barrel system. The rest of the door is then installed, before final checks are done to ensure everything is working correctly.

We will then clear any tools that have been used and remove your old door to be properly disposed, free of charge. At Garolla, installations usually take half a day to complete so you can start to feel the benefits of your new electric garage door the same day of your installation.



Once you are sure you’re happy with your door, the installer will put you in contact with our head office who will then arrange your final payment. Should you need any additional information, or have any issues, our customer care team are at hand 7-days a week to answer your calls. You can reach them at 0800 468 1982.


Start the process today, call our team or visit our website to receive a no strings attached quote and begin reaping the rewards roller shutter garage doors have to offer.