So, you’ve got a brand-new electric garage door in mind, you know what you want and you don’t want to pay over the odds to get it. We understand. In fact, that’s exactly why we’re here. We manufacture high-quality electric roller garage doors at reasonable prices, so you can afford to give your home an upgrade no matter what your budget is.

So, what are you paying for? Well, at Garolla we use the best components and high-grade materials to bring you a roller garage door you can rely on.

What Does An Electric Garage Door Cost?

Roller Garage Door Prices

The price you pay for a Garolla garage door depends on a number of factors. Firstly; the size of the door. We’ll obviously need more materials to make a larger door, so the bigger the door the more it will cost. Then there’s the slat size. Again, the larger the slat the more expensive the door.

We offer 24 colours in our roller garage door range, from Anthracite Grey to Moss Green, Red to Silver, White to Black. The ‘standard’ colour is White, with other colours coming in a little more expensive.

This is because we don’t paint our doors (paint doesn’t last) instead the lacquer finish is injected with dye to colour the door, this increases its lifespan and protects the door from fading and discolouration. Choosing a coloured door makes it more expensive as the coloured dye has to formulated especially for your door before it is made.

There is also the question of fire safety. If you don’t have an alternative exit or side door in your garage then you’ll be required to have an external override fitted with your roller shutter door. This makes it possible to open the door from the outside in the event of a power cut. It uses a secure, key operated terminal to ensure your home’s security is not compromised.


Getting a quote

There are two ways to get a quote for your new Garolla garage door;



Using our Door Designing Wizard, you can input the exact options you want your door to have and receive an online quote for that particular door. Just find the ‘Design Your Door’ button on our homepage.


Over the phone

Just call our friendly customer enquiries team with your measurements and preferences and they’ll walk you through the process, making sure you get an accurate quote.

If you’re happy with these options, it’s over to our professional installers to survey your property and then to explain your installation!


For more information on prices, getting quotes or our roller shutter doors, contact: 0800 955 8959.