How does a traditional garage door stand up to the might of a Garolla Garage Door?



Traditional garage doors are usually made from wood, specifically timber as it is a cheap and effective material for making doors. Wooden garage doors have been a benchmark of the garage doors industry for quite some time, explaining why you often see these in homes that haven’t been renovated in a few years.

While some wooden garage doors can be sturdy, the material is particularly susceptible to water damage, fire and decay. This makes the average lifespan of a wooden garage door no longer than around 8 years if kept in good condition.

Garolla Garage Doors:

Our electric roller garage doors are manufactured using high quality aluminium, a strong and durable metal that remains lightweight despite its robust properties. As a material, aluminium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal making it perfect for manufacturing electric garage doors.

Our aluminium slats are coated in an anti-corrosive paint that protects the finish of the garage door. This means that a Garolla Garage Door will look better for longer and requires minimal maintenance. Built to last, we’re so confident in the durability of our electric garage doors that they come fully guaranteed.


Thermal Efficiency


Keeping your garage door thermally efficient is important, especially if it attaches to your home.

Due to the way that most traditional garage doors are fit, it is common that they are more prone to “air leakage” a process in which uncontrolled air flow is let into the garage. As stricter building regulations have started to be enforced many traditional garage doors now offer air-tight options, usually for an additional cost, in attempts to make them as thermally efficient as possible.


Garolla Garage Doors:

With a Garolla electric roller shutter door, every effort has been made to keeping your garage as thermally efficient as possible. From its design to its installation, we ensure that you’re not wasting energy on a door that lets your heat flood between the gaps.

Every roller garage door that we fit includes a rubber seal that stops cold draughts from invading your garage and also prevents any water damage. Also, the slats that make up the garage doors are twin-walled and insulated using CFE free foam, minimising heat loss whilst also insulating against sound.

Traditional Vs Garolla Garages



There are several different types of traditional garage doors, the most common of which is the canopy garage door, usually referred to as an up and over garage door. These garage doors are manually operated, typically using vertical tracks to flip open the front of the door by hand.


Garolla Garage Doors:

At Garolla we know the struggle of battling the elements to get access to your garage, which is why all of our electric garage doors can be remotely operated from the convenience of your car. Using a dead man’s switch system, our doors automatically stop when you remove your hand from the button making it safer to use.

We issue two controls as standard, with the option to have up to four additional extras, perfect for bigger families or as a spare. We use German made NRG motors and the highest quality components to create an electric garage door you can really depend on.

So no more heaving doors open in the heavy rain.




Due to their lack of electric mechanisms and controls, they’re the cheapest garage door available, but can sometimes lead to damage especially in tight fitting garages. Space is needed to accommodate the large swinging garage door which often leaves less space to park a car, sometimes causing accidental bumps and scrapes.

Garolla Garage Doors:

Roller garage doors save space as the door neatly rolls away and out of sight, meaning there’s no need to make room for big swinging doors. A Garolla Garage Door goes one step further with its octagonal shaped barrel, making them sturdier and safer than your average roller shutter door.




Most traditional garages use door locks to keep cars and other belongings safe. The security of the door would then usually depend on the strength of the lock that you choose to use. More up to date garages come with their own locking system, that requires a key to gain access.


Garolla Garage Doors:

No expense has been spared when it comes to the security of your Garolla Garage Door. From the ground up, every detail has been made to keep your garage safe from attack, tampering and thieves.

The very last slat of our electric roller garage doors are held into place using strong end locks which prevent the door from being moved out of place. Our octagonal barrel not only saves space but also rolls into a much sturdier shape than any other roller garage door. Utilising a patented automated locking system, you can rest assured that your belongings are being kept safe.

The fight between traditional garage doors and a Garolla Garage Door has been hard fought.

Who won? You decide.