Top Tips For Organising Your Garage


Do you want to clear the clutter out of your garage to organise your tools, equipment and make room to store your car? Is your garage filled with the extra mess you don’t need?


Every garage brings its challenges when it comes to improving your home storage. However, with a little elbow grease and some careful organisation, you can transform your clutter into a talking point.


Like many people, the garage can be seen as a place to dump your tools, equipment and bikes not leaving too much room for your car and as clutter builds up so might your motivation to clean and sort it.


Although there are some easy steps to transforming your garage from a messy nightmare to eye-pleasing cleanliness and organisation. So, it’s time to get your bin bags ready and start working on your home storage solutions.


Interior of messy old workshop


Where To Start?


The first thing you need to do is gather your garage organisation equipment to help you clean and sort through the mess and clutter. So what you will need is:


  • Black bin bags
  • A Hoover/Vacuum cleaner
  • Surface cleaner (for workbenches, surfaces etc)
  • Plastic tubs for storage 
  • Garage paint (optional)
  • A broom/ dustpan and brush


Clean, Clean, And Clean


You must set yourself an adequate amount of time to properly sort through and organise your garage and this might be a whole day or a week. It will depend on how big your garage is and how much stuff you have in there to sort through.


The very first step you need for organisation is to clear everything out of your garage to see how much room you have to work with. Then with your garage organisation tools, start to clean, clean, clean. Clean away any stains, dust, cobwebs and mess, as well as remove small items like nails off of the floor.


Your garage is clear, you are ready to start organising. Additionally, a good way to ensure your garage doesn’t collect large amounts of dust is to paint the floor of your garage. Note that it may increase the time it takes to organise your garage but it will help it become dust-free.


Keep vs Clutter


Home storage organisation can be made easy, simply by categorising your garage clutter into clear zones which will give you a better idea of where you want to start. This will help massively to help you envision how you want to organise your garage. Here are a few ideas for how you could set category zones for your garage and see what should be kept or thrown away.


  • Create a box for recycling- Any recyclable clutter you may want to get rid of like old paint cans, any old power tools or tools you no longer need or any recyclable plastic items you do not need anymore like empty bottles.


  • General waste- Put all general waste you do not need and do not want to keep that are recyclable. You should also decide whether any clothing should be donated or thrown away. Now you are left with everything you want to keep and organise.


  • Commonly Used Items – You want to separate your garage logically so it only makes sense that you place your most commonly used items like tools, hoses, pumps and wires in one box so that when it comes to organising your garage you can arrange an easy place to access and store these.


  • Leisure and sports equipment- Make sure all your sports and leisure equipment is all in one place as this will make it easier to decide how big of an area you will need to fit all these in.


  • Car supplies- it’s important to keep all supplies like wiper fluids and tyre pumps in the same place for when you need to access them.


  • Garden supplies- here you can organise your gardening equipment in one place like shovels, lawnmowers and any other gardening equipment you may have.


Once you have organised your clutter and have a clear idea of what will be going into your garage it’s time to start measuring and selecting where everything is going to fit.


Knowing Your Measurements 


Before you start repopulating your garage, it’s useful to measure out how much space you have to work with. So get your ruler and measuring tape to map out the floor, ceiling and wall areas.


If you have a car in your garage it could also be useful to measure outlines of where your car would go so you can arrange your garage around that. Now you know how much space you have to work with, it’s time to sort where your main zones will be for your equipment.


Organising Garage Zones 


It’s important to note that it’s best practice to keep objects off the floor when thinking about separating your garage into zones. This is to ensure that rodents do not damage wires or electricals as well as your items or in case of flooding your items are less likely to be damaged.


Make sure you have shelves and hooks to place before sorting so that you can keep the floor clear. Furthermore, you can dispose of the general waste and recycling boxes as you will no longer need them.


Make sure you consider how much space you will need for each zone as well. For example, your leisure and family zone may contain bikes and tents which will need more storage space.


Tools And Equipment 


Most likely your tools and equipment will need to be accessed most frequently and will need to be in an easily accessible place. So it is recommended that you have this zone near your garage door for all of your tools and equipment.


Place things like wrenches, spanners, pumps etc on shelves or hooks in your designated zone close to the door so you can easily grab them when you need them.


Build A Workbench

If you have the space, building a workbench could become a great addition to your garage and help you keep organised. This would become a clear zone to store all of your power tools and equipment.


Leisure And Family 


This zone will most likely take up most of your garage storage space, so make sure you have set yourself a large enough area to fit all of the items in.

Since many of these will be seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, tents, bikes and other sporting equipment, storing them on the largest wall opposite the garage door would be the best place, as you will not need these all year round. Remember to keep objects and items off the floor as much as you can.


Gardening Tools And Car Supplies


Again organise your garden tools and car supplies to have separate areas, but if you are short on space it could be a good idea to keep these together.

Again pick out an appropriate amount of space for these items ideally for hedge clippers, car jacks and other tools you can store them vertically on the wall to save space but make sure they are at a safe height and any chemicals are sealed properly.


Don’t Forget The Overhead Space


Using overhead space can be a great way to organise your garage and is easily forgotten about. Of course, you need to make sure any items that are stored overhead are properly secured to avoid having a barrage of falling objects.


What NOT To Store In Your Garage 


When organising your garage and improving your home storage some items should not be stored away for your health and safety. So here is what you should not store in your garage:


  • Propane– Propane is a highly inflammable liquid and must always be stored in an outdoor area.


  • Food Items- Storing food or pet food can be a great way to invite insects and rodents into your garage so this must be avoided.


  • Paint- Paint needs to be at room temperature as very cold or hot temperatures can ruin the paint.


  • Paper and cardboard- Paper or cardboard boxes are magnets for roaches and other insects so avoid using cardboard boxes where possible (this is why we suggest using plastic tubs instead).


Maintaining Garage Storage Space 


To maintain your garage and keep it organised, cleaning is an important part of maintenance. At least once every two months give your garage a good clean from top to bottom. Make sure you brush away cobwebs and dust and spray all the surfaces. Then once a year repeat your organisation process so you don’t keep unwanted clutter or add more equipment.


Organising your garage is a continuous process of adding, removing and cleaning but it’s well worth it for a neat and tidy storage unit, with these handy home storage solutions, you can get ahead of the game and produce an organised living space!