Garolla Roller Shutter Garage Doors have been designed to blow the competition out of the water. Trailblazing the industry with an enviable list of features, it’s easy to see why garage owners across the country are choosing Garolla. Combining CE marked components, skilled craftsmanship and a simple ordering process, its never been easier to update your home’s exteriors than with Garolla.

here are many reasons to choose a Garolla Garage Door, here are just a few:

Top 10 Benefits Of A Garolla Roller Shutter Garage Door

1 Increased Security

Designed with your home’s safety in mind, every Garolla Electric Garage Door is fitted with high-strength end locks and manufactured from durable aluminium to give you complete peace of mind.


2 Thermal Efficiency

Keep cold draughts out of your home thanks to a Garolla Garage Door. Every slat is filled with CFE-free foam to retain heat in your garage, saving you money on those ever-climbing energy bills.


3 Reduced Noise

These insulated slats also help reduce the noise pollution of your Garage Doors. Allowing you to go in and out of your garage without letting the whole neighbourhood know.


4 Increased Floor Space

With a Garolla Roller Door, there’s no need to leave any room for large, heavy swinging doors as the aluminium curtain rolls away neatly into a small top box. This allows you to have full use of your garage space and park right up to the door.


5 Kerb Appeal

Undeniably stylish, these electric Roller Garage Doors are a real fashion statement for your home. Modern, sleek and elegant a Garolla Garage Door will leave your neighbours green with envy.


6 Remote Controlled

No more battling your Garage Doors in the rain, Garolla Garage Doors are remote controlled, meaning you can access your garage with the touch of a button. Park up the stress-free way thanks to Garolla.


7 Easy Ordering

With a quick 4-step process, ordering your new Roller Garage Door couldn’t be easier. Start your Garolla journey today by visiting the design your door page for an instant quote based on your specifications.


8 Wide Range of Sizes Available

Garolla installs Garage Doors in a range of sizes, with two slat options developed specially to fit either small and large openings. The 55mm family collection is perfect for single Garage Doors up to 2.6m wide, while the Silverback collection is designed for garages up to 5.1m wide.


9 Colour Options

Whether you’re looking for something wild and whacky, or a little more traditional, Garolla has a stunning array of 21 colours to choose from. Find your style today on the design your door page!


10 Up-front Prices

Pricing up home improvements can sometimes take longer than the home improvements themselves, but not with Garolla. The price includes measuring, fitting and VAT so you can be sure you’re getting the very best deal possible.


For more information about Garolla Garage Doors, you can call the friendly customer care team on 0800 468 1982, or take a look at the website: to receive a free, no strings attached quote today!