When you’re on the lookout for the best roller shutter garage doors on the market, no doubt you’ll be keen to do some research. Here at Garolla, we want all of our customers to be as informed and in the know as possible which is why we’re always happy to answer any and every question you might have.

Some questions are very niche, however, the same few do pop up quite often. So, here are the top 5 garage door questions – and their answers.


What to expect during a garage door installation?

Garolla’s electric roller doors are installed within a matter of hours and come 95% complete on the day of your installation.

Your local installer will start by removing your old garage doors, which they will dispose of completely free of charge. They will then begin installing your Garolla roller garage doors which, once in place, will be up and ready to use immediately.

So, after a quick test run, you’re good to go!

The Transformative Power of a New Garage Door

How much are electric garage doors?

Your exteriors are the first impression anyone will ever have of your home. Whether you want to impress guests with modern exteriors or invite them in with a warm and welcoming façade, Garolla can create the perfect atmosphere for your home with one quick and easy purchase. Manufacturing and installing some of the best roller shutter garage doors across the country, Garolla are making It easier than ever before to completely transform your home.

Allowing you to use every inch of your garage, roller shutter doors aren’t just an aesthetic improvement they’re practical too. Making your home easily accessible without sacrificing on security, roller doors from Garolla add value to your home without all of the usual home improvement hassle.


Unbeatable garage doors online

Customisable, in a range of 18 stunning colours, an electric roller garage door from Garolla can reflect your own personal style and tastes. Gone are the days of heavy, clunky garage doors as Garolla roller garage doors continue to revolutionise the industry, offering you an easier, sleeker and more stylish option for your home.

These garage doors don’t just look good, they also improve your home’s security and thermal efficiency all in one. Garolla’s insulated roller garage doors can save you money each month by reducing your overall energy costs. Every slat is manufactured with a layer of CFE-free foam which reduces the heat that is lost, meaning you don’t reach for the heating switch quite as much.

Installing roller garage doors uk wide, Garolla have local fitters across the country. Cutting out the middle man, you work directly with them to find the perfect electric roller garage doors for your home. From the initial survey right up to your installation you will only ever deal with your very own local installer. Garolla also have a dedicated customer care team who work 7-days a week to ensure that no question goes unanswered.

And when it comes to electric roller garage doors prices, it couldn’t be simpler thanks to Garolla’s upfront price promise.


How much do Garolla garage doors cost?

So you know exactly just how much it is to upgrade your garage, roller door prices are available directly on the Garolla website. This price is inclusive of measuring, fitting and VAT so there are no hidden fees to worry about!

There are several ways to discover your very own Garolla quote. The first is to head over to the online garage door designer. From here you can input your specifications, including; size, colour and additional extras, to receive an instant quote valid for up to 30 days.

Alternatively, you can call the friendly customer care team on 0800 468 1982 who will be able to discuss your options and provide you with a free, no strings attached quote.


The best choice for your home

For modern, memorable and magnificent exteriors look no further than Garolla roller garage doors!