Garage Doors are not something that we expect to purchase more than once for a property, which is why when it comes to ordering a new door, the task can be quite daunting.

To make the process of ordering your new door as easy as possible our garage door designer takes you through the simple steps that you will need to do. This week our blog will take you through these steps in more details to help you understand the process.

The Process Of Ordering A New Roller Shutter Garage Door
Deciding that you need a new roller Shutter Garage Door is the first step that leads you on the path of purchasing a new garage door. You may have then chosen to purchase from Garolla as we are the industry leader in the sector, or because we create quality and affordable garage doors.

Next, you will need to choose your slat size, we recommend that 55mm slats are only used for small, medium or large garages; whereas the 77mm slats can be used on any sized garage.

We have a large range of garage door colours to choose from so no matter what your style we can accommodate you.

Finally, you will have to choose any extras you would like attaching to your garage door. Once this is complete you only have to fill in a few details and you will receive your online quote.