At Garolla we manufacture and install some of the best quality roller garage doors in the UK. We pride ourselves on delivering customer satisfaction time and time again, providing thousands of homes with safety, security and priceless peace of mind. We do all of this at rock bottom prices, but what does your money really buy when you invest in a Garolla Garage Door?

The Price Is Always Right With Our Garolla Garage Doors
Quality that doesn’t compare

We use only the highest quality materials to manufacture every single one of our roller garage doors. Made from strong aluminium, our garage doors are sturdy and tough whilst remaining lightweight and easy to use.

Every slat that makes up our roller doors are coated in anti-corrosive, abrasion-resistant paint making them low maintenance and durable.

For garages that connect to your home, thermal efficiency is essential in keeping the heat in and cold out. That’s why we insulate our electric garage doors with CFE foam which expands to fill any empty spaces that would allow heat to escape.

The bottom slat on Garolla doors is also fitted with a rubber seal that keeps out any water, ensuring your precious belongings are kept dry and undamaged.


Security that knows no bounds

At Garolla, we know that the safety and security of your family and home are of upmost importance. We keep that in mind when designing and manufacturing each one of our electric garage doors.

Garolla garage doors are unmatched when it comes to security. The bottom slat of your garage door is held in place using high strength locks that prevent it from being forced out of place. Also, our patented auto-locking system uses a 70m octagonal barrel that is attached to the top laith. This octagonal shape gives our electric garage doors superior strength when compared with regular round barrels that most other garages use.


All the added extras

Included in the price of your Garolla garage door is your expert measuring by one of our trusted professionals, fitting and VAT. But that’s not all.

Our garage doors don’t have to be operated manually, meaning you don’t have to battle the elements to get into your garage. By the click of your clone-proof remote you will be able to access your garage, a feature we are proud to include as standard, so that our customers can get the most out of their electric garage doors.

You also have the option to add an external override for a small fee which guarantees you access to your garage in case of a power cut. Perfect for those who don’t have any other access via another door.

Now available in 18 colours, we have the perfect roller door to suit your personal style and home’s design.


How to get a quote

The cost of your garage door will largely depend on your exact specifications. Big or small, slat size and colour can all have an impact on the final price. But finding this out takes just a few minutes and couldn’t be easier.

To receive a quote online visit our Garolla design wizard to be given an accurate price and a realistic image of what your garage door will look like. Once you’ve designed the garage door of your dreams simply submit your design with your email or contact number and one of our team will call you back to discuss your new garage door.


Alternatively, you can give a member of our friendly customer care team a call on 0800 468 1982. Once they have your requirements, they will be able to provide you with a free quote.