The unpredictability of Great British weather is infamous across the world. It can go from record breakingly-hot to bitterly cold in minutes, with no warming in between. It can be hard to plan for these dramatic changes in temperature, but while you can’t protect your bear arms from a sudden summer breeze you can at least protect your home.

Insulated garages are essential for the many households whose garage connects to their home. Usually an afterthought when you think about insulation, your garage can be the weak spot that is letting all of your central heating go to waste.

The Importance Of An Insulated Garage

Insulated Roller Garage Doors

Designed to keep your home’s warmth safely inside your walls, Garolla garage doors are your home’s first defence against cold weather and harsh winters.

Every part of a Garolla electric garage door has been designed to be as thermally efficient as possible. Each slat that makes up the aluminium curtain of the garage door is insulated using a CFE-free foam. Not only does this help fight heat loss, it also insulates the garage doors against sound. So, you can come and go as you please, without having to wake your neighbours up to do so.

A rubber seal also comes as part of every electric roller garage door fitted by Garolla. This prevents cold draughts from entering your home via your garage door. It also helps to keep your garage dry as the rubber seal stops any water from entering.

Garolla roller garage doors are also installed with a patented side guide sealing system that insulates your garage from both cold and noise.


Saving you Money in the Long Run

A warm home isn’t the only benefit of a thermally insulated garage door.

As energy prices continue to soar, Garolla roller garage doors can make a sizeable dent in your energy bills thanks to their thermal efficiency. Step away from the heating switch and put down your furry blanket, as Garolla banish the cold out of your home.

The price of a Garolla garage door is a small investment in comparison to the massive savings you could make on your energy bills each and every month.


Finding a Quote

When it comes to costs, Garolla cut out the middle man so you work directly with your very own local installer. So there’s no pushy salesmen or dodgy tactics to worry about, just up-front affordable prices. Available on their website you can design your perfect roller garage door and receive a free, instant quote based on your specifications.


Alternatively, Garolla has a dedicated customer care team working 7-days a week who are on hand to answer any and every question you may have. Give them a call today on 0800 4681982 to receive a no strings attached quote, valid for up to 30 days!