Purchasing a new garage door can sometimes be a big hassle, with complicated jargon and technical language everywhere how are you meant to figure who really has the best deal out there?

As industry leaders, we want to take all of the confusion out of purchasing a new garage door for your home. That’s why we’ve pulled all of our knowledge to give you a complete A-Z of garage doors!

The Complete A-Z Of Garage Doors


Acoustic insulation – keeping your garage doors as quiet as a mouse.

Aluminium– a strong and sturdy material, that is surprisingly lightweight.


Bespoke – garage doors that are made based on your home’s exact specifications.

Brush sealed rails – to prevent any drafts and keep your home warm and cosy all year long.


CE marked – certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area

CFE-free foam – every slat is filled with this foam to help boost its thermal efficiency.

Compact doors – roller garage doors which take up much less space than other, more traditional garage doors.

Curtain – the aluminium curtain is what makes up the front of your garage door.


Delivery – Garolla have their own delivery network and the delivery costs are included in the overall price.

Draft protection – keeping cold winds out of your home.

Durable – thanks to their high-quality materials, every Garolla roller garage door has a long lifespan.


Emergency hand crank – a safety feature fitted inside your garage that allows you to exit in times of a power cut.

Energy efficient – ensuring your heating bills stay as low as possible.


Family collection – our 55mm slats, perfect for smaller garage doors.

Free removals – Garolla will recycle your old garage door completely free of charge.


Garolla garage doors – the best quality roller garage doors at unbeatable prices.

Guarantee – for complete peace of mind, every Garolla garage door comes fully guaranteed. For more details, you can call our customer care team on 0800 468 1982.


Headspace – roller shutter garage doors require much less headspace so take up less room in your garage.

High strength end locks – fitted with every Garolla garage door, these locks help to keep criminals out of your home and away from your treasured items.

Hold to run remote – a control which will cease to run the moment you stop pressing it, giving you complete control.


Installation – Garolla install garage doors UK wide. The average installation takes just a few hours from start to finish.

Internal override system – a safety feature that allows you access to your garage in times of emergency.


Jaw-dropping style – available in 18-colours, Garolla garage doors can transform your home’s exteriors in one easy purchase.


Kerb-appeal – make your neighbours green with envy with a Garolla roller garage door.


Large garage door – Garolla manufactures and installs garage doors up to 5.1m wide.

Local installers – with Garolla installers across the UK, you’ll only ever deal with your own local installer.

Low maintenance – just a quick wipe is all a Garolla garage door needs to look as good as new.


Made to measure – every Garolla garage door is unique as it is created based on your home’s exact measurements, meaning no two doors are the same.

Manufactured in house – we have a team of skilled craftsmen who expertly make every Garolla garage door.

Measuring and fitting – both included in your Garolla quote.


Nationwide – we manufacture and install electric garage doors UK wide.

NRG motor – the top of the range motor is fitted with every garage door.


Octagonal barrel system – offers more protection than the round barrel traditionally used in garage doors.


Patented auto-locking system – another example of how Garolla keeps you and your family safe.

Peace of mind – thanks to a wide range of security, safety and efficiency features you can always sleep easy with a Garolla garage door.


Quality control – ensuring only the very best leaves our factory, every roller garage door must pass strenuous quality control tests before making their way to your home.

Quick and easy install – your local installer will fit your garage door in a matter of hours, cleaning as they go so the whole process is completely hassle-free.

Quote – to find yours visit our design wizard today, or call a member of our team on 0800 468 1982.


Remote controlled – the wireless remote control allows you to access your garage from the comfort of your car.

Roller shutter garage door – rolling into a compact octagonal barrel, Garolla roller shutter garage doors allow you to use every inch of your garage with no room wasted for heavy swinging doors.


Silverback collection – perfect for larger garages, our silverback collection is made for garages up to 5.1m wide.

Slat size – this will change depending on the size of your garage, Garolla offer two sizes 55mm and 77mm.

Survey – completed by your local installer, a survey allows you to ask any questions you might have and lets the installer measure your garage opening so we can begin the manufacturing process.


Thermal insulation – keeping your home warm and cosy.


Up and over garage door – an out of garage door that is usually very heavy and clunky.

Up front prices – all Garolla prices include measuring, fitting and VAT so there’s no hidden charges to be wary of.


Variety of mounting types – Garolla garage doors can be mounted outside or inside your garage, with a visible or concealed shutter box.

VAT – included with every Garolla quote.


Wide openings – Garolla pride themselves in provided garage doors for a wide range of garages.

Windproof – giving your home protection from harsh winds.

X, Y, Z.

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