The anatomy of a roller garage door

Garolla roller garage door anatomy video

What is a roller garage door?

Explore the anatomy of a Garolla roller garage door in this handy video guide and discover how our doors are robustly engineered for everyday life.


Effortless access to your garage with the touch of a button. The garage door rolls up into an enclosed top box, unlocking 25% more space.

Slat Anatomy

Twin-wall aluminium slats insulated with high-density polyurethan foam. Creating a strong, secure door providing heat and sound insulation. Available in 55mm or 77 slat heights. Check out our range of roller garage doors for more information.

Side Guide Rails

Garolla electric garage doors run smoothly in a fixed guide rail system. It adds a layer of security, and helps protect against draughts and insulates against sound.

Enclosed Top Box

The enclosed top box contains an octagonal steel tube the slats roll around. An integrated maintenance-free motor sits inside, and auto locks ensure the door cant be lifted manually when closed.