Garolla is pleased to announce that we now have two different garage door ranges; Sectional Garage Doors and Roller Garage Doors.

But, which garage is best for your home?

If you’re struggling to decide whether you would prefer a new Roller Shutter or Sectional Garage, keep on reading. Garolla wants to share some of the differences between our different garage doors, to help you make that important final decision.


Sectional Garage Doors Or Roller Garage Doors – Colour

When it comes to finding a new garage door, many homeowners base their decision off of how a garage door looks. Garolla appreciates that each customer has a different dream garage door. That’s why we’ve got a variety of different colours available.

Whether you’re wanting an Anthracite Grey Roller Garage Door or even Brown Garage Doors, our collection of Roller Doors for sale guarantees to feature your preferred garage door colour. In fact, our Roller Doors come in 24 different colours, which includes several realistic woodgrain effects too.

Meanwhile, our best Sectional Garage Doors come in 26 colours. This also includes woodgrain textured effect shades. However, in this range you can also get a Sectional Garage Door installation with either a smooth or woodgrain panel surface. It is important to note that whilst our standard colours can have a smooth OR woodgrain finish. Our woodgrain effect colours come only with a smooth finish.

Roller shutter garage door in Grey

Sectional Garage Doors Or Roller Garage Doors – Style

When purchasing a new garage door, you need to consider how your garage door will impact your garage’s overall style.

With Garolla, you don’t need to worry about picking the wrong garage door. As there are simply no wrong options! All of our garage door styles are designed with appearance in mind. All you’ve got to do is pick which one you prefer.

As suggested by our Roller Shutter Garage Doors reviews, Garolla personalises every individual Roller Door installation for each customer. Made-to-measure from your garage’s EXACT measurements, Garolla’s electric Roller Door range contains two different slat sizes; 55mm and 77mm slat sizes. Whilst 55mm slats are best suitable for smaller garages with a minimal amount of headroom. Larger garages that require a heightened amount of security will benefit more so from 77mm slats.

Another difference between our Sectional and Roller Garage Doors is their style options. We’ve got four different door types available; Small Ribbed, Medium Ribbed, Large Ribbed and Georgian.

Featuring horizontal ribs that are positioned at an even distance from one another, Ribbed panels have a more modern style than Georgian panels. Though, Georgian panels are a great alternative for homeowners interested in getting a garage door with a traditional charm.



One similarity between our Sectional Garage Doors and Roller Garage Doors is what’s contained within their prices. It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting a Single Garage Roller Door or Black Sectional Garage Doors, Garolla ensures that you get the best bang for your buck!

Garolla’s Roller Shutter Garage Door prices and Sectional Garage Doors price list contains 2 remote controls. Plus a full guarantee. Whenever you opt for a Sectional Garage Door or Roller Garage Door, you also receive expert measuring and fitting. The delivery of your new garage door is also free!

Garolla believes in full transparency when it comes to pricing. This is why you can see all of our prices online. By visiting our website you can use our garage door wizard to see exactly how much your new garage door will cost.

To find out more about our Sectional Garage Doors or Roller Garage Doors, you can check out our website! Alternatively, you can call 0800 468 1982 to discuss getting a new garage door with our customer care team.