We are in the middle of summer, the days are longer, the weather is nicer (most of the time) and we do all we can to spend as much of our time outside! But remember those cold, dark, wet winter nights? Remember having to jump out of your car so that you can open your garage? Remember then having to get back out of your car to close your garage door? If you do remember those days and they fill you with dread then it is time to purchase a new Roller Shutter Garage Door!

Garage Building Rules and Regulations
Here at Garolla, we have over a decade of experience in manufacturing and installing Roller Shutter Doors. This experience and our passion for doors has led to us becoming one of the market leaders in garage doors within the UK.

How do you make a Roller Garage Door that secure and durable? It’s simple! We use the highest quality CE marked, European components. These components have been stringently tested and comply fully with current legislation. But where the quality really shows is through the manufacturing of the garage door. Here at Garolla, we manufacture all of our roller garage doors at our head office in Leeds. Not only does this ensure that all of our products meet our high standards, but it also allows us to provide our doors at the lowest price possible.

With a Garolla garage door, attached to the top lath will be 70m octagonal barrel that contains our own patented locking system, which provides extra protection compared to normal garage doors. To increase security further the bottom slat of the garage door is made from twin-walled aluminium and is held in place using high strength end locks.

The slats that form the garage door are twin-walled aluminium and insulated using CFC free foam. This foam helps insulate sound (vitally important if your garage connects to your home) and also minimises heat loss. Anti-corrosive paint is also applied to the slats to give the product a long-lasting, durable and appealing finish.

These incredible garage doors are available in 21 different colours.

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