What things do you want to be secure in your life? Is it your home? Or your job? We all have different aspects of our life that we will want to be more secure than others, but did you think about the security of your roller garage door?

For some, a garage is a dumping ground for old items which we are not yet ready to through away. For others is an extension of a home, an added room or a place where we keep our pride processions. But, whether you value the items in your garage or not, nobody enjoys a break in and that is why garage security is so important.

Roller Garage Doors Security In The UK!
A garage is usually seen as a weak spot in a property, which is why it is usually a target for unwanted guests. With the cover of early dark nights, this time of year also makes your garage more susceptible, which makes it a perfect time to update any old garage doors.

Here at Garolla, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and that’s why we only use the highest quality, CE marked, European components, which are purchased from Alutech (the largest such manufacturing company in Europe). These components have been stringently tested and comply fully with current European legislation. To top it all off these components are fitted together by our experienced staff here in Leeds which ensures that our products are created to the standard we expect.

Our garage doors even have a patented locking system which uses a 70m octagonal barrel that attaches to the top lath. This barrel offers more protection than the round barrel traditionally used in garage doors. To increase security further the bottom slat of the garage door is made from twin-walled aluminium and is held in place using high strength end locks.

The slats that form the garage door are twin-walled aluminium and insulated using CFC free foam. This foam helps insulate sound (vitally important if your garage connects to your home) and also minimises heat loss. Anti-corrosive paint is also applied to the slats to give the product a long lasting, durable and appealing finish.


So why not make your garage more secure with one of our Roller Shutter Garage Doors that you can design here.