If you have recently been looking to purchase a new Roller Garage Door, then you may have come across terminology such as recess fit, back box and fascia panel. But, unless you have bought a garage door before or have worked with Garage Doors you may not know their meaning. This week our blog looks at this garage terminology and explains what they actually mean.

Roller Garage Doors Jargon Buster


Garage slats are the strips of aluminium that overlap to form the main structure of a Garage Door. Here at Garolla, we have two different sized slats, which 55mm and 77mm. The difference between the two is that the 77mm slat offers increased security and installation to your garage, and are best suited to larger garage doors.


Face fit

A face fit describes how the garage door attaches to your garage. With this fit, the garage door attaches to the brick inside your garage, with the door rolling up above the opening on the inside of your garage.


Recess fit

A recess fit is another way to attach your garage door to your garage. It is used when there is limited head space from the top of the garage door to the roof in your garage. The fix will fit between your brick piers meaning the drive through width of your garage door will be reduced.


Fascia panel

A fascia panel is the solid panel that you see at the top of your Garage Door that is used to provide a neater finish.


Wired Push Button

Your wired push button is placed within your garage, next to your new door, and allows you to control your new Roller Door from the inside without a remote.


Hold to Run System

Our remote controls feature a ‘Hold to Run’, sometimes known as a ‘dead man’s switch’, which means the system will automatically cease the moment you stop pressing the up or down button on the remote.


Emergency Hand Crank

An emergency hand crank system is placed within your garage and allows the door to operate without power, meaning you can still open your door if your electric fails.


Top Box

When your garage door is opened, your slats roll upwards. Your top box is the box that conceals these slats giving your garage a neater finish.


We hope this quick guide has helped, but if you have any other questions that need answering then please done hesitate to call us on 0800 468 1982.