Preparing Your Garage Door For Winter

In the cold winter months, it can be easy to forget about keeping your garage warm. But a cold garage can in-turn affect the temperature of your home, especially if they are connected. Managing your garage’s temperature also helps to protect the contents from damp and cold damage. So it’s safe to say that it’s vital to keep your garage insulated during winter.

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to ensure your garage stays at a consistent temperature is by looking after your garage door. Today we’re exploring how you can prepare your garage door for the cold months, and what you’ll get out of it.


How to Look After your Garage Door


1) Keep your Garage & Garage Door Clean

Making sure your garage and its door are kept clean helps to troubleshoot any problem areas as they arise. By cleaning out your garage, you can identify any items that are prone to damp, or anything that needs to be thrown away. The build up of moisture over time can cause mold and damp spots, which can damage the contents. 

Keeping both sides of your garage door clean helps to make sure the material and coating maintains its integrity. Regular cleaning can also draw attention to any gaps, cracks or other damage that need to be looked at.


2) Look for Gaps in the Lining

One of the biggest causes of heat loss in a garage is a garage door that is not properly aligned to the space it is supposed to fit. Gaps between the walls and door are more common than you think, and cause heat to be lost to the outdoors. Garolla garage doors come fitted with a rubber seal that prevents this. 

This issue is most often found on doors that have not been made to measure. No two garage door spaces are exactly the same size, which means that industry standard sized doors often don’t fit quite right. Here at Garolla, we manufacture all our doors to your specific needs. Not only are our doors insulated against heat loss, by ensuring there are no weak points they improve door security.


3) Lubricate the Joints 

It’s vital to make sure all of the moving parts of your garage are lubricated properly. This helps to ensure that there is no significant build up of rust over time, which can cause a range of issues. Lubrication can also stop the joints freezing and helps to prevent damage. 

Spray lubricants are available from all good DIY stores. By ensuring each joint is thoroughly covered, you can avoid your joints becoming stiff.


4) Test your Garage Door Regularly

As well as lubricating the joints, you should regularly check your garage door to see that it opens and closes smoothly. In the winter, you might not use your garage door as often, especially if you don’t store your car in the garage. This means that it’s important to keep the mechanism from seizing up by testing it from time to time.

This will also help you identify any issues with the roller brackets and bolts, such as them becoming loose. If this has happened, tighten them using a wrench and test again. Some parts may need replacing if you’ve had them for 2 or more years, so it’s best to check these closely before your garage stops working all together. You can also see if any of the seals need replacing, as some garage seals will wear after a few years causing cracks that can let cool air in and hot air out. 



Manual Garage Door

5) Check your Insulation

Garage doors made from quality materials are key to keeping it sturdy over winter. Ideally your door will be insulated with CFC-free foam, which ensures that the structure of the garage door is protected against heat loss and the permeation of cold air. Garolla’s roller garage doors are always insulated with CFC-free polyurethane foam, which keeps them protected all year round.


Benefits of a Well Looked-After Door


1) No Damp or Mould

When a garage door helps your garage to retain heat, you are less likely to accumulate mould or damp inside your garage. These substances can cause multiple issues for your home. Your possessions within the garage can become damaged and unsalvageable, especially fabrics and permeable materials. 

Damp and mould can also affect the structural integrity of your home if left unchecked for a long time. Not only this, but it can also cause issues for your health if the problem area is close to where you spend a lot of your time. For instance, mould gathering on the ceiling of your garage might creep into the floor of the room above. If inhaled, this can be detrimental for your health.


2) Your Home Stays Warmer

Garages are the number one cause of unnecessary heat loss in the home, due to their size and the amount of cold air they can accumulate. If you can remove your garage as a factor in heat loss, then your home is much more likely to stay warm. When a room is placed above a garage, it is very hard to keep this room warm if your garage struggles with staying warm.


3) You’ll Save Money on Heating Costs

It goes without saying that a better insulated home will have less to pay in heating costs. Instead of relying on your boiler to be constantly churning out heat, give your boiler a break by insulating any major contributors to heat loss. As we’ve just described, your garage is probably one of these. 


Keep your Garage Warm with a Garolla Door

Here at Garolla we provide custom-made garage doors that are designed to keep your garage warm in all seasons. With many installers situated across the UK, we offer a personalised service tailored to you. Simply head over to our location tool finder to see which Garolla installer is nearest to you. 

If you have any questions about our garage doors or are in search of more tips, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.