How To Prepare For A New Garage Door Installation


It is an exciting prospect to get a new garage door replacement, but you want to make sure you are prepared beforehand for a smooth garage door installation with little hassle. Whether it’s a roll-up door installation or standard, there are certain steps you must take for a clean garage door installation.


The garage door is an important part of home renovations and can often be the most difficult element to get right, considering it’s the biggest single item for your house. You want your new garage door replacement to be smoother, faster, quieter and operate better than your old one. So, making sure your garage door installation goes well is very essential and will shape how your house looks from the outside. 


We also understand it can be frustrating to organise your installation, but there are some things you can do to make your life easier. To properly organise the arrival of your new door, read on and discover our tips on how to prepare for a new garage door installation and make it a simple process.


Our New Garage Door Installation Tips


Make space and organise your garage beforehand

This is possibly the most important step to remember. Keeping your garage clear will give you the space to install the door properly. Here are a few tips to get your garage in order before your new garage door replacement  is installed:


  • Move your vehicles out of the garage—You will not be able to proceed with your garage door installation while you have vehicles in your garage. This is because your car tends to sit directly under the tracks and springs where the door will need to be installed. It could also cost you more if you have a car in there when your door arrives, so this is an easy way of making more room and avoiding additional costs.


  • Keep your garage clean— This is another simple way to prepare for your garage door installation, and keeping all the main areas of your garage clean can help speed up the process. It doesn’t need to win any awards for cleanliness, but make sure you clear out any junk or clutter that could get in the way. It’s especially important to clear out any mess that’s close to electrical outlets, as this will be used for your openers and any electrical components for your new garage door.


  • Decide on locations for wall consoles and opener – You should pick out the locations of where you want to put your console and where your opener will go. 


Again, this will help speed up your installation process for when your garage door arrives. When deciding where the opener should go, there are a few factors to keep in mind. 


Firstly, the opener needs to be close to an electrical outlet to power the door. If the outlet is at the back of your garage or out of reach, it will be a good idea to get an extender cord and remove anything that could obstruct the wires to avoid any accidental trips/falls. The wall console can be installed where you want, but most people tend to have it installed near the door. However, it’s necessary to keep this wall space clear for a neat and tidy installation.


Keep the driveway clear

When your garage door arrives, you must make sure you keep your driveway clear. The garage door installers will most likely need access to your drive to install the new door, and having it clear will save time and hassle. It also allows the garage door installers more room to work in, and they will need access to both the interior and exterior of the garage for the fitting. This will generally help speed up the process and help get your garage door properly installed.


Tell your neighbours about the garage installation

It can be a noisy process to install a new garage door, so it is nice to give your neighbours notice of the installation in advance. It never hurts to keep on good terms with your neighbour, especially around home renovations, where you have lots going on in your house that might disturb the peace. Not only that, but it could also avoid an awkward encounter down the road. Just remember happy neighbours, happy life.


Before installing, keep family members and pets clear 

Although you may only be installing a garage door, you still have to keep safety in mind for yourself and your family. Take responsibility to keep pets and family members clear while the installation is taking place. Garage doors can be dangerous and the components that come with them can be very heavy, and sharp. You must keep children and pets out of this zone to avoid a serious accident or injury. Ensure you don’t turn the joy of your garage door replacement into a trip to the vets or hospital.


You Are Ready For Your New Garage Door

If you have followed our tips, you should be more than prepared for when your new garage door arrives and is ready to be installed. We have covered what you have to keep in mind and how organising your garage can help speed up the process of installation as well as common courtesy and safety. 


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