Our Electric Garage Door Prices


We’ve always made our roller garage doors in-house to your exact specifications. It’s what has made us one of the most popular national garage door companies in the UK. Making our own product also gives us the freedom to set our own prices. There’s no salesman or trader involved trying to make a profit out of you, just a good honest price, straight from the factory floor.

We believe every customer deserves complete transparency when buying a new roller garage door. This is why you can see all the prices for our garage doors online when you request a quote. Since we install electric garage doors UK-wide, a local installer will always be just around the corner!



What Features are Included in your Garage Door?

  • Our electric roller doors are built with security and thermal efficiency in mind. We take several measures to ensure that your roller shutter garage doors perform in any weather, any temperature, and against potential intruders.
  • Each slat of our roller shutter curtains is insulated with high-density foam and coated in high-impact, abrasion-resistant skin. This ensures that the door is hard wearing, allowing it to keep its handsome looks longer!
  • Then there’s the mechanism. We use a highly efficient electric motor, manufactured in Germany. It’ll lift the door curtain in seconds and even runs off a mains power socket. So there’s no need to rewire your whole garage.
  • Our roller garage doors come with anti-scuff locking within the rolling mechanism itself. This prevents the door from being rolled upwards by force. To avoid it being forced out of its frame, we fit high-security end locks to the bottom slat in the curtain to ensure it stays put.

All of these features not only keep you safe and warm, but they also increase your property’s value by improving its overall appearance.


How Much Does A Roller Shutter Garage Door Cost?

Our garage doors start at just £895 for a fully fitted service. That includes surveying, measuring, manufacturing, and installation costs. All you have to do is choose your door, then contact us and we’ll do the rest! Some factors that can affect the final cost of your garage door include:


Additional Transmitters

Garolla offers each customer two transmitters as standard, but we can provide up to four. This ensures that you always have access to your garage. They are also ideal for larger homes and families. With this additional extra, you will never be locked out in the rain again!


Size of the Garage Door

The most important thing you need to know is that the size of your roller shutter garage door will have the biggest impact on the price. We provide garage doors for single to extra-large/double garage spaces. Using your exact specifications, Garolla guarantees to create the perfect garage door for you and your home.


Colour of the Garage Door

Your garage door cost is also dependent on the colour you choose. At Garolla you choose from 24 unique shades, including classic colours such as black, blue and white. But, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, we offer fantastic shades such as moss green, or even oak finishes. Whilst white comes as standard, certain colours do come with an additional charge. Each and every coloured dye is formulated just for you, ensuring we’re producing the very best we have to offer. 

We don’t paint our doors (paint doesn’t last) instead the lacquer finish is injected with dye to colour the door, this increases its lifespan and protects the door from fading and discolouration. Choosing a coloured door adds a cost, as the coloured dye has to be formulated especially for your door before it is made.


Optional extras

Our electric roller garage door prices also include a range of optional extras. Guaranteeing your safety is one of our biggest concerns. This is why our range of extras includes an external override and additional transmitters.

Is your garage door the only access point to your garage? If so, you will require an external override. Fitted alongside your electric roller garage door, an external override ensures that you have access from the outside in case of a power failure. Reassuring you in case of any emergencies, an external override uses a secure, key operated terminal to keep your garage as safe as possible.


Getting a quote

There are two ways to get a quote for your new Garolla garage door;



Using our door designing wizard, you can input the exact options you want your door to have and receive an online quote for that particular door. Alternatively, you can book a home survey, and one of our expert installers will come and price up the job.


Over the phone

Just call our friendly customer enquiries team with your measurements and preferences and they’ll walk you through the process, making sure you get an accurate quote.

If you’re happy with these options, it’s over to our professional installers to survey your property and then to explain your installation!