Here at Garolla, we have made the garage ordering process as simple as possible and our customers don’t just choose their new garage doors, then design them. Although the process is simple we still have a few questions that we need our customers to answer, however, if you don’t know much about garages you may have some questions that you need answers too.

One of the questions that you may be asking, is “which slat size do I need for my garage”. To help you answer this question, this week our blog is going to look at the difference between our slats.

When creating your new electric roller shutter garage door, you have two slat options to choose from. These are our 55mm Family Collection slats and our 77mm Silverback Collection slats. We recommend that 55mm slats are only used for small, medium or large garages; whereas the 77mm slats can be used on any sized garage. To know which slat suits you and your garage all depends on your needs for a garage door.

Our Different Slat Options!
Our smaller slats are cheaper than our large 77mm slate, however, because they are smaller in size they do not provide as much security and thermally efficiency than our larger slats. These slats are both twin-walled aluminium and are insulated using CFC free foam. This polyurethane minimises heat loss and also helps insulate against sound. But, being larger means that our 77mm slats can be filled with more insulating foam then our smaller slats.

All of our garage doors are fitted with a bottom slat that is made from twin-walled aluminium and is held in place using high strength end locks. They are also fitted with a 25mm rubber seal to help prevent draughts or water entering your garage.

To design your perfect electric garage door, please speak to one of our trained specialists please call 0800 468 1982.