Here at Garolla, we are a proud manufacturer and installer of Roller Garage Doors. Our team of fabricators, fitters and sales advisers are dedicated to creating quality products combined with a trusted service.

Before you purchase one of our Electronic doors, we believe that all of your questions should be answered, so you know exactly what you are looking for. In the age of computers, where do you go for answers t? Google, of course, so what better place to find your most asked questions.

Most Googled Questions About Roller Garage Doors

What is a Roller Garage Door?

Simply put, a Roller Garage Door is a type of Garage Door that differs from the more tradition up and over or opening out doors. They are made up of a number of slats that join together to form the main part of the garage. When open these slats roll up and round a barrel to create a compact holding space and a Garage Door with a space-saving in design.

Although these aspects of the door stay the same, the security, thermal efficiency and style that a Roller Garage Door offers can differ from brand to brand.


What is the best Roller Garage Door?

There are hundreds of Roller Garage Doors out there, all of them think they’re the best. But, when it comes to the quality and security of our products combined with our decades in the industry and our tried and tested service we are a cut above the rest.

Our Roller Doors are made to measure, making them perfect for all garages no matter their size. They are perfect for smaller garages with limited room as they allow you to make full use of your driveway and headspace. Whereas larger garages benefit from the durability and strength that our doors offer.


What does a Roller Garage Door cost?

Here at Garolla, you can get a Roller Garage Door for less than you think. Not only do we manufacture some of the best doors on the market, we also offer instant online quotes. All you have to do to receive your Roller Garage Door cost is visit our door designer and enter your requirements, it really is that easy!

Included within these quotes is the full Roller Garage Door, its installation, the removal and disposal of your old door, as well as a comprehensive guarantee.


What paint for Roller Garage Doors?

To ensure that our Roller Shutter Garage Doors keep their good looks for as long as possible, their slats are coated with an anti-corrosive, abrasion resistant paint. Which means that you will never need to re-paint you Garage Door throughout its lifetime.

Being low maintenance, our doors are also extremely easy to clean, all they will require is a wipe down from time to time.