When it comes to designing your perfect roller shutter garage door an aspect that you will need to input is the measurements of your garage entry way. We need these measurements as, unlike some beliefs, electric roller shutter doors cannot be a standard size.

Made To Measure Roller Shutter Garage Doors From Garolla

Our Different Slat Options!

If your garage door isn’t fitted correctly or doesn’t fit your garage entrance as snug as it should, then this could compromise the security of your garage. Mismeasurements could cause gaps to form between your garage door and your garage wall, which could then be target by burglars. However, when measured and fitted correctly these doors are incredibly secure. Elements such as patented locking system and twin-walled aluminium which are held together by high strength end locks ensure that your garage is protected by any unwanted guests.

Our roller shutter garage doors are fitted with certain features to make them as thermally efficient as possible. The twin-walled slats that form this electric garage door are insulated using CFC free foam. As well as minimising heat loss, this foam also helps insulate sound, which you may find important if your home is attached to your garage. However, if your electric roller garage door doesn’t fit your garage properly, these insulating properties could be lost due to drafts entering your garage.

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