Winter is just around the corner, the days are getting shorter, the nights colder, we have even had some snow. With it, winter brings days we all love, such as Christmas, New Year and those cosy, lazy days on the sofa. But, it also brings days we don’t enjoy so much, like the day we get our heating bills through the post and instantly regret blasting on the central heating as soon as it got cold.

This week here at Garolla we are going to be looking at ways which you can keep your home warm through winter, without getting a scare through your front door. There is going to be tips for everyone, including things you can do yourself and others that you may need to get the professionals to do.

Garage Building Rules and Regulations
If your garage is attached to your home then you could be losing a lot of heat through this room. Windows and doors in a garage are usually less thermally efficient and older than those that we have in our homes. To fix this problem you could fit new windows and a new roller shutter doors for your garage. Or you could simply try a draft excluder to stop cold drafts entering your home.

We hope you found these few tips useful and that they will help keep your home this winter if you have another idea please comment.