Christmas is just around the corner, decorations are up, advent calendars are being opened and we have even had some snow.

With it, December brings days we all love, such as Christmas Day, New Year and those cosy, lazy days on the sofa. But, it also brings days we don’t enjoy so much, like the day we get our heating bills through the post and instantly regret turning on the central heating.

Keeping Your Garage Warm This Christmas
Timber Doors or older doors can let in drafts into your garage in the colder months, due to them changing shape, rotting or braking. To rectify this you can purchase draft excluders that can be placed by yourself around your door. Alternatively, you could purchase a new thermal efficient door which will also increase the security of your garage.

If your windows aren’t already triple or double glazed then you should think about replacing them. Triple and double-glazed glass allows gaps between the glass panes to be filled with insulating argon gas, stopping as much warm air escaping.

A massive 60% of heat can be lost through walls or your roof. However, there is an easy solution. If you have cavity walls, you simply need to get your walls insulated by a professional.

If your garage is attached to your home then it could also cause your home to lose heat. Our Roller Garage Doors are extremely thermally efficient and can drastically affect the heat loss in your garage. As well as the slats of the garage been insulated they are also fitted with draft excluders.


We hope you found these few tips useful and that they will help keep your home this winter if you have another ideas please comment.