Insulated Roller Garage Doors: Top 10 Benefits


When the temperatures drop, you may wonder about your home’s thermal efficiency and where you are losing the most heat. Your windows, external doors, roof, and walls are all culprits of heat loss. But did you know that if your garage is attached to your home, this could be a major contributor too?

To help keep your home warm and your heating bills down, we have incorporated specialist factors into our roller garage doors that help keep the cold air out of your garage. Today we’re discussing the top 10 benefits of buying an insulated garage door from Garolla in this useful blog.



1) Garage Doors Made to Measure

Drafts are the main cause of heat loss everywhere in the home, especially the garage. This is where gaps between the door and wall allow cold air to enter the garage and for warm air to escape. Our insulated roller garage doors are custom made to measure, ensuring the door has a snug fit and protects your home from the cold air outside. 


2) Patented Side Guides

Our insulated garage doors are fitted with patented side guides. The addition of these helps your garage to retain heat along the sides of the door, which can be where a lot of heat escapes. Not only does this help fight heat loss, but it also insulates the garage door against sound. This is especially helpful if you’re wanting to convert your garage into a more livable space, by keeping out unwanted noise from outside.


3) CFC-Free Foam Insulation

The slats that form the main curtain of the garage door are insulated using CFC-free foam, and are designed to a high specification. This polyurethane material ensures that the structure of the garage door itself is protected against heat loss and the permeation of cold air. 


4) Roll-Upwards Design to Keep Out Air

Instead of the traditional up-and-over style of garage door, our insulated roller doors employ a roll-upwards design. This creates a better seal over the entrance than the traditional design, as the bottom slat will meet the floor, which is not always possible with many styles of door. This design also helps to keep the sides covered, where standard garage doors often leave gaps. 



5) Extremely Durable and Resistant to Weather

To ensure that our insulated doors stay thermally efficient for as long as possible, they are built to be extremely durable. They are resistant to corrosion or decay from rain, hail or snow and are also resilient against fluctuations in temperature. This makes our garage doors built to last, even in the ever-unpredictable British weather!


6) Saves Money in the Long Run

A warm home isn’t the only benefit of a thermally efficient garage door. As energy prices continue to rise, Garolla’s insulated garage doors can make a sizable dent in your energy bills over the long term, thanks to their thermal efficiency. Step away from the heating switch and put down your furry blanket, as our garage doors help to banish the cold out of your home. Our garage doors are an investment, designed to increase the thermal efficiency of your home and cut down on the energy you use over the long term.


7) Can Transform your Garage

With one of our doors, your garage can start to feel just as warm as any other room in your house. This paves the way for a whole host of possibilities, including a complete transformation of your garage space into another room! A gym, man-cave, art studio, you name it, an insulated garage door is the first thing you need to build one!


8) Rubber Seal Prevents Water from Entering

Our garage doors come fitted with a thick rubber seal. This helps prevent any drafts and water from entering your garage. As mentioned earlier, the side guides of each insulated roller garage door are fitted with a patented sealing system, which also ensures that your garage opens quietly.


9) Carefully Selected Design and Material

As you’d expect, our doors are made from aluminium, a material commonly used in insulation due to how well it keeps in heat. This, along with the combination of the seal, the side guides, insulation and efficient design, helps to keep your garage warm. The design of our doors is the result of our expert designers coming together to create some of the highest quality garage doors available. 




10) Unbeatable Prices and No Hidden Costs

As well as the actual cost of your electric roller garage door, the price you pay also includes delivery and installation. Your price even contains the removal and disposal of your old garage door. Our insulated garage door costs also feature a range of additional extras. This range of optional extras includes an external override and additional transmitters, which can be added onto your order if required.


Finding a Quote

When it comes to costs, we cut out the middleman, so you’ll speak directly with your very own local installer. This means no pushy salesmen or dodgy tactics to worry about, just up-front prices with no hidden fees. Available on our website, you can design your perfect insulated garage door and receive a free, instant quote based on your specifications.

Our doors are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, including black, white, grey, oak finish and many other colours. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional style, our collection includes your new perfect garage door. Browse the options today, or book a survey with one of our expert installers to get the ball rolling!