How to Improve Your Home’s Kerb Appeal


What is kerb appeal?

Put simply, kerb appeal is how attractive the front of your home looks from a streetside view. Kerb appeal is a term used when trying to sell your property, and there are several factors to be considered when enhancing your kerb appeal. 


Improving the kerb appeal of your house is a brilliant way to attract buyers, especially to create a memorable first impression. While having bad kerb appeal can be a barrier to selling your property, there are some simple actions you can take to improve it. 


There are a few different factors that contribute to having a good kerb appeal. This can be from the brickwork of your house, the cleanliness of your drive and windows, as well as your front garden. It’s important to make first impressions count when selling your property, and improving your street view appearance is an easy way to make your home more desirable for potential buyers.


Now you know what kerb appeal is, you may be wondering what steps can you take to start upgrading the front of your home? We have some easy ways you can boost your kerb appeal and make your property more sellable. 


7 ways to improve your kerb appeal 

There are many ways to improve your kerb appeal, so we have compiled a comprehensive list of tips and tricks that will help to make your home stand out from the rest.


1. Freshen up your front door

Your front door is the gateway to your home, so making sure it is maintained and tidy will help to improve the front of your property. Put yourself in the shoes of someone buying a house and ask yourself, is this a welcoming, well-maintained front door? First impressions matter, and renovating your front door with a cleaner look is a great way to boost your kerb appeal.  


Renovating your door is easy and simple to do, firstly, you should tidy up any weather-beaten and exposed wood by striping the paint and cleaning the wood.


You can then treat the door with metal polish so any rust and dirt can easily be removed, improving the appearance of your front door. Then apply a fresh lick of paint to make your front door more vibrant and pleasing to the eye.


2. Make sure your driveway is neat and tidy 

For some people, cleaning your driveway might be overlooked but this can have a big impact on your kerb appeal. Having a neat and tidy driveway is a great way to entice buyers to your home, and it’s fairly easy to clean.


If you have a jet wash, work your way from the top of the driveway to the bottom and blast away any dirt, weeds, and moss. If you have a decking at the front of your home, this could also use with a thorough clean to remove any old chips of wood, dirt, and grime that has built up over time.


This is a simple yet effective way to really smarten up and improve the exterior of your home.


3. Make your front garden stand out 

Having an inviting front garden can only work to entice potential buyers, and maintaining your front garden is a huge factor when considering kerb appeal.


Firstly, make sure you place any potted plants near the front door as a welcome to your home. If you have a front lawn, it’s necessary to keep your grass short and tidy and not overgrown, long and full of weeds, so it is looking at its best. 


If you happen to have bushes or hedges in view, it’s advised to follow the proper maintenance. Trim the bushes and hedges down until they look smart, then make sure you dispose of any waste, so it is not visible.


4. Consider your lighting 

Your exterior lighting can completely transform the appeal of your home from the outside and create a friendly, welcoming and warm atmosphere, which is another great way to boost your kerb appeal. This is very important for winter viewings, when buyers may need to view the property when it’s dark outside. 


There are a few different ways that you can improve the exterior lighting of your home. Firstly, you can purchase some solar LED lights that you can dot around your front garden. 


These lights don’t even require a plug or outlet, making them easy to maintain. You can also buy some motion sensor lights for the front door and home exterior to lighten up your property. Lights are also a great way to highlight key talking points of the exterior of your home.


5. Cleanliness is key

Keeping the exterior of your house clean is the easiest and cheapest way to improve your home’s kerb appeal. Cleaning your windows thoroughly on the exterior of the building can help bring more light and shine to your property. If you have windows and spaces you simply cannot get to, employ a window cleaner.


They will be able to reach the spots you cannot reach on your own. Keeping your windows clean is a great way of improving your home’s kerb appeal, as no one wants to see the dirty windows of a house they want to buy.


6. Examine your brickwork and walls

Examine the front of your house, is the paint old and crumbly? Does it look dirty? These are all things that will have an impact on your kerb appeal. An easy way to freshen up your walls is very simple, repaint them.


Note that it’s important to make any repairs or fixes before you start painting, as you don’t want to restart the process.


Get your brushes and ladders up and start to repaint your walls. Keep adding more coats until you are happy with it and the exterior is looking clean and appealing. While this may be time-consuming, it could be the difference between having a great kerb appeal or an eyesore.


If your house is bare brick, simply get your jet wash out and give your bricks a deep clean until moss and other dirt have been removed from the exterior. A ladder will be useful for reaching the highest areas of your house. This will improve the overall look of your home and as a result, raise its kerb appeal.


7. Keep your bins out of sight 

The sight of bins outside your home can be off-putting for buyers when it comes to selling your property. If your bins are filthy and exposed, it can be a turn-off to your home and de-value your kerb appeal.


You should consider having a separate place to store your bins that is not at the front of the house. Think of a suitable place around your home for your bins where they will not be seen from the outside. If you have space at the side of your house leading to your garden, this will be an ideal place to hide your bins. 


You could also consider building a spot for your bins if you do not have any other place that is suitable to store them. The structure doesn’t have to be complicated, but just a place to store your bins and keep them out of sight. Like a shed for bins, for example. 


By following these tips, you can make your home more marketable through its kerb appeal and help you sell your house. Through some hard work and elbow grease, you can transform your home simply and cost-effectively and could make the difference when someone is looking to purchase your property.


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