At Garolla we ensure that each customer gets the electric roller garage door of their dreams.

Garolla produces some of the best electric garage roller doors on the market that delivers on quality without compromising on price. So, if you’re looking for a new roller garage door that allows you to improve your home’s external appearance without breaking the bank, Garolla is the company for you.

We believe it is important that every customer gets complete transparency when buying their new roller garage door, which is why you can see all the prices for our garage doors online. Since we install electric garage doors UK wide, a local installer will always be just around the corner!

How To Choose A Roller Garage Door For Your Home

Improved Insulation

Garolla’s range of roller shutter garage doors are excellent for insulating heat. The CFC-free high-density foam that features within our roller shutter garage doors improves their thermal efficiency, especially when compared to traditional garage doors.

They are also great for insulating sounds within your garage and outside of it. This can be extremely useful for homeowners that often work in their garage and want to be respectful towards their neighbours.


Secured Strength

Since only 2 in 5 UK garages are used to house a car, a majority of garages are protecting other treasured belongings. This means that it is very important to protect these belongings from burglars.

Garolla’s roller shutter aluminium slats are combined to create a strong wall of aluminium that is ready to take on any intruders. They’re kept shut by a patented locking system that prevents the door from being forced open. Triple Side guides also prohibit the door from being pushed out of its runners. All of this combined together creates a strong barrier and guarantees to keep your belongings safe.



A garage door that you can rely on gives you peace of mind. With a dependable electric motor, strong roller shutter slats and a patented locking system, our garage doors are exceptionally reliable. We are so confident in them that we issue a comprehensive guarantee with each garage door.

Allowing you to have an easier day-to-day life, a trusted garage door can also improve your home’s practicality and value. If you need more evidence, feel free to browse our roller garage doors reviews!



Home improvement can be pricey. The average home improvement project costs a breath-taking £23,100. Don’t worry, our Roller Shutter Garage Door prices will not make you break the bank. Starting at just £895, we have some of the best priced high-quality roller shutter doors on the market.

All of our electric garage doors fitted prices are included in the quote you receive. You can design your garage door here at

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