How Secure Is Your Garage Door?

Burglar breaking into old garage door

Think about the valuables stored in your garage and the access it provides to your home. Are you confident in your garage door's security?

Securing your home is now more important than ever, with theft offences in the UK increasing by 9% to 1.8 million offences in 2023. An often overlooked yet crucial aspect of home security is your garage door. This gateway serves to protect your vehicle, but it also provides a potential entry point for burglars. 

With the rise and development of electric garage doors, home security has become more advanced. But even with a modern electric garage door, it’s vital to ensure these measures are robust enough to protect your property effectively. 

Let’s delve into how you can burglar-proof your garage door and enhance the overall security of your home.

Security Features of Garolla Electric Garage Doors

Garolla electric garage doors are engineered with various security features designed to protect against unauthorised access. Let's explore some of these features:

1. Secure Guide Rails

Robust guide rails are a fundamental component of electric garage doors, providing stability and smooth operation. 

Perhaps more importantly, they enhance security by making it difficult for intruders to force the garage door open. The sturdy, fixed guide rails that ensure a straight and secure close also guarantee that even with significant force, breaching the door through prying or lifting is exceptionally challenging.

2. Auto Lock Mechanism

Ever forgotten to lock your garage door? One of the standout features of modern electric garage doors is the auto lock mechanism

Once the door closes, it automatically engages the locks, securing the door without needing any manual intervention. This automatic locking system ensures your door remains secure even if you forget to lock it yourself, providing peace of mind and enhanced security.

3. Anti-Clone Remote Controls

A common concern with remote-controlled garage doors is the possibility of remote cloning. To combat this, leading electric garage doors now come equipped with anti-clone technology. 

This feature prevents unauthorised access by using rolling code technology, which changes the code every time the remote is used. As a result, even if someone attempts to duplicate the remote signal, it will be ineffective, ensuring only authorised individuals can open the door.

4. SafeGuard Plus System

Garolla's very own SafeGuard Plus system is a comprehensive security solution which comes as standard with our Transform Pro, Titan and Titan XL doors, and can be added to our Transform door. 

One of the key components of SafeGuard Plus is its state-of-the-art timing technology to detect obstructions and retract if blocked. KeeLoq rolling code technology prevents remote fob cloning, whilst optional upgrades include a wireless keypad, a 98-decibel alarm that sounds if the door is raised without activation and an optical laser beam to avoid collisions.

5. Strong Materials

When it comes to security, the strength of your garage door's materials plays a crucial role. Garolla garage doors are constructed from tough, twin-walled aluminium slats combined with high-density polyurethane. This robust construction ensures exceptional durability and resistance to forced entry.

Tips for Enhancing Garage Door Security

While electric garage doors come with impressive security features, there are additional steps you can take to further enhance their security:

Regular Maintenance

Keeping your garage door and its components well-maintained is crucial for optimal security. Regular maintenance ensures that all security features, such as locks and sensors, function correctly. 

It may also be time for an upgrade if your current garage door is outdated. Purchasing a new garage door from a reputable supplier, like Garolla, ensures you benefit from the latest security advancements. As the UK's #1 recommended supplier for garage doors, we’re known for our quality and security.

Securing Access Points

In addition to securing the garage door itself, it's essential to consider other access points to the garage, such as windows and side doors. Make sure these entry points are equipped with sturdy locks and are not easily accessible from the outside. 

Reinforced glass or window security films can prevent break-ins through windows, whilst installing deadbolts on side doors adds an extra layer of protection.

Surveillance and Lighting

Installing surveillance cameras around your garage area can act as an effective deterrent to potential intruders. Visible cameras signal to burglars that the property is monitored, reducing the likelihood of an attempted break-in. 

Complement the cameras with adequate lighting, particularly motion-activated lights, to illuminate the area around your garage. Well-lit areas are less attractive to burglars as they increase the risk of being seen.

Professional Consultation

For personalised security solutions, consider consulting with security experts or garage door professionals. These experts can assess your specific situation and recommend tailored measures to enhance your garage door's security. 

Whether it's upgrading to a more secure garage door model, integrating advanced security systems or addressing unique vulnerabilities, professional advice can provide valuable insights and peace of mind.

Secure Your Garage Door with Garolla

Securing your garage door is a vital step in protecting your home and belongings. With the advanced security features of electric garage doors, such as those offered by Garolla, you can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorised access. 

From secure guide rails and auto lock mechanisms to anti-clone remote controls and the SafeGuard Plus system, state-of-the-art garage door security features provide robust protection. By taking proactive steps like regular maintenance, securing access points, installing surveillance and lighting, and seeking professional consultation, you can enhance your garage door's security even further.

Don't wait for a security breach to take action. Invest in your peace of mind by ensuring your garage door is as secure as possible with Garolla. With the right measures in place, you'll enjoy a safer, more secure home environment.