Roller Shutter Garage doors are the ultimate convenience. They’re effortless to use, reliable and almost maintenance free. But a door is not a door without one crucial characteristic; safety. Keeping you safe from intruders, keeping you safe during its operation and keeping your home safe in power-cut situations are marks of a garage door’s performance.

How Can Electric Garage Doors Keep You Safe?

Garage Door Security

Garolla’s Roller Shutter Doors are made from machined aluminium, forming a formidable wall of metal between your treasured belongings and the outside world. This garrison is paired with a patented top box locking system that prevents the door from being forced upwards.

The roller shutter itself is contained within triple slide framework, protecting the shutter from being forced from its runners. This is a technique often used by thieves looking to gain entry to a property, having conscious security measures to protect against it is a must.


Safety Features

An electric garage door has large moving parts with a high torque electronic motor, giving it the potential to be a dangerous piece of equipment. At Garolla, our Roller Garage Doors are fitted with safety features that quash any concern and leave you with peace of mind, knowing you and your family are safe.

All Garolla doors come with wireless remotes with a ‘hold-to-run’ button. This means the door stops moving the moment you take your finger off the button, preventing it closing on children, pets or any belongings under the shutter.

For even more reassurance, Garolla garage doors also feature an ‘electric eye’ system. This uses sensors to stop the door before it comes into contact with anything. Combined, these features eradicate fears of any door related accidents.


A Power-cut Scenario

Picture this. You arrive home after a busy day. It’s dark outside, darker than usual. Then you realise. All the street lights are out, as are all the lights in the homes on your street. There’s been a power cut. How are you supposed to access your electric garage door with no power?

Thankfully, we include a manual override that can be used to open the door without power. If you don’t have access to your garage from another door, we also fit an external override that allows you to manually lift the shutter from the outside of the garage. With Garolla, you’re ready for anything.

We will soon be adding sectional garage doors to our range, complete with survey and installation. Keep up with our blog for more information.


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