For once this summer actually felt like summer. We had a number of days that had perfect BBQ and shorts weather. No matter what the weather was like in summer, we are now firmly into autumn and the icy winter days and nights aren’t too far ahead.

We all have our own individual ways to prepare for winter. Some of us will turn the heating on and place an extra blanket on our beds; whilst others will get that draughty window replaced, which they have been putting off with all summer. One aspect people usually overlook when it comes to preparing for winter is their garage.

Garage Building Rules and Regulations
When it becomes colder your lock, hinges and other metal parts within your garage can seize up, make it very difficult to open or close your garage door. It isn’t just your garage door that can feel the chill over winter, vehicles, power tools and other items can be affected by this weather.

However, there is a way to protect your garage before it is too late. If you ensure your garage is well insulated before winter it should stop the cold damaging your belongings. Ways to properly insulate your garage include:

If your garage walls and roof are not insulated, then you can do this yourself by using loose-fill or spray foam insulation and then covering it with drywall.

A new garage door can also help insulate your garage. Here, Garolla slats used within our Roller Shutter. Garage Doors are twin-walled aluminium and are insulated using CFC free foam. This polyurethane minimises heat loss.

If you have questions about improving the thermal efficiency of your garage then call us today on 0800 468 1982.