Looking for a new electric garage door can be a chore. There’s so much choice, it can be hard to know your up-and-overs from your sectionals or your top box from your bottom lath. Wouldn’t it be helpful if someone could consolidate the endless options and incomprehensible jargon into one, easy to use system?

The Garolla Garage Door Designer compiles all the options, colours sizes and extras for you to create the door you’ve always wanted. Browse all of Garolla’s roller garage doors using a virtual visualiser that shows you exactly what your door will look like on installation day.

Garolla Door Designer: Finding You The Perfect Garage Doors Online

Choose a Door Size

We make our roller garage doors according to the measurements taken from the survey of your home, this ensures they perform as well as possible. The first part of the door designer will ask for your general measurements in order to generate a more accurate price. Simply choose Single Garage Door (up to 2.6m wide), Large Garage Door (2.6m-3.3m) or Extra-Large Garage Door (3.3m-4.6m).


Decide on a Slat Width

Our electric roller garage doors come with the option of two insulated slat widths. A regular 55mm slat size that we recommend for garage doors 2.6m wide or smaller. For Large and Extra-Large garage doors we recommend that you choose 77mm wide slats. These will provide increased strength and rigidity for the wider door, ensuring your home remains safe and secure.


Express Yourself with Colour

Garolla garage doors come in 18 colours, from Anthracite Grey to Light Beige. The range of colours includes wood grain effect colours like Mahogany, Irish Oak and Painted Teak for a more rustic look. Or, for a more modern take, browse the Silver and Light Grey garage doors.


Choose Your Extras

Add extra features to your garage door to finish the customisation process. Garolla offers the option of an external override or additional transmitters with your garage door. An external override is needed if you don’t have an alternative entrance to your home as it allows you to open the door from the outside, without compromising your home security, in the event of a power cut. The additional transmitter is what’s used to open the door electronically, so if you need any more than the two provided let us know!


For more information on our garage doors, contact us on 0800 468 1982 or visit our information pages.