It can be a pain running into issues with your garage door when it won’t open or close. Not knowing how to fix it or the exact issue can be frustrating. A broken garage door could also be a security concern for your home. So, this will need repairing as quickly as possible.


Before calling a repair service, you should check yourself to find out the severity of the problem. If your garage door does not close or open, there could be something wrong with it. However, more often than not, you may be able to fix this yourself without the need for contacting any garage door maintenance.


There are many reasons why your garage door won’t close. It could be an issue with the sensors, jamming in the door, a mechanical issue or something else entirely. 

Discover what could be wrong with your garage door and see some quick and easy fixes you can do at home.


5 reasons why your garage door won’t close and our easy fixes


The first step to fixing a broken, damaged, or faulty garage door is to diagnose the issue first. We have compiled a list of garage door issues that could contribute to why your garage door won’t open or close, as well as some simple home fixes.


As mentioned above, there can be many factors that result in your garage door being unable to fully open or close. Below, we have listed a few reasons why your garage doors are not working properly, and how to fix it yourself.


1. Jamming


Jamming might seem like an obvious problem with your garage door, but it shouldn’t be ignored. If an object is blocking your garage door on the top, bottom, or side, it will not close properly. 

Inspect all areas around your garage door. Including the side of the door entrance, the floor, or anything that could obstruct it. Check the garage door itself for any damage that could be causing the jam as well.


How to fix a jammed garage door


If your garage door is jammed, you can fix it by removing any obstructions. However, make sure that you do this carefully. Do not trap your fingers in the mechanism or near the door entrance. Test the door to see if it still won’t open or close until it works smoothly after removing any obstructions.


2. Track issues 


If you have already checked around to see if anything is jamming the garage door, you should check the tracks. Garage door tracks can be overlooked but can cause your garage door not to open or close.

Examine your garage door track system for obstructions that could be causing it to jam. Inspect all parts of the tracks, including the rollers. The tracks could be bent, damaged or obstructed, preventing the garage door from opening or closing. However, faulty tracks and rollers can be easily fixed at home by yourself, without the need for further maintenance.


How to fix issues with your garage door tracks and mechanisms


As mentioned above, fixing your garage door track system is simple and easy to do. It could be that the tracks on the garage door are bent and preventing the garage door from closing properly. You can fix this easily, by simply bending them back into place. 

Make sure you do this as carefully as possible so that the tracks don’t bend too much the other way. This could cause them to break, and you will have to pay to replace them. It will be the same for any track damage, like breaks or cracks.

If anything is blocking the tracks, find and remove the obstruction. Then test the track mechanism until it runs smoothly.


3. The sensors


The sensor above your garage door provides security and safety for your garage. The sensors can detect young children, pets, and obstructions in the door’s path. If there is an obstruction in the way of the sensors, the door won’t open or close fully.


A faulty sensor will cause your garage door not to open or close properly. Make sure that you check that the sensors are working and that they aren’t picking up any obstructions in the way of the door. You can test this by placing and removing objects in front of the sensor to see if it closes.

Once you have determined the sensor is not picking anything up, you can either try to repair it or replace it.


Easy fixes for garage door sensors


Before you attempt to identify and fix the problem with the garage door sensor. It’s first worth trying to switch it on and off again at the mains, to see if this resolves the issue. It could even be that it has been unplugged at the mains, causing the issue. If this doesn’t work, it is worth checking the outlet to see if the fuse has gone.


If a fuse has gone in the circuit, you will need to either replace the fuse or reset the breakers. If your sensors have batteries, they may need to be checked. Your sensors could be running on old batteries, so change them to make sure. 

You might be able to fix your garage door remote and switches with this simple fix. A faulty sensor, switch, or remote may need to be replaced if none of the fixes works.


4. Broken Spring


Springs are an essential component of every garage door. The springs help keep the garage door mechanism functioning the way it is supposed to. Ensuring that the garage door does not slam, shut or swing open.


Having damaged or misaligned springs will mean your garage door won’t open or close correctly. If the springs aren’t broken, they may need re-aligning. You can do this by yourself, but you may need additional support if the issue proves to be too troublesome.

Check all the springs around your door and inspect to see if any are damaged. All broken springs you find will need to be replaced by a professional, as we do not recommend you do this alone.


5. Cables


Similar to the springs in your garage door, the cables around your garage door play an important role in ensuring that it opens and closes properly. Inspect the cables to make sure there are no breaks or damages.

Broken cables are tricky to repair, so don’t attempt to mend these by yourself. You will need a specialist to help replace or fix your garage door cables. It may cost you a little more, but it should fix the issue.


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