Finding the Right Electric Garage Door for You

When it comes to electric Garage Doors, you want something you can rely on, a door that you’ll barely notice thanks to its slimline design and ruthless reliability.

Featuring a tried and tested design that has been perfected using a patented locking system and specialist slats, Garolla Garage Doors are stronger, more efficient and more thermally efficient than other leading brands.

So, how do you find the right one for you? After all, there’s a huge amount of customisation to choose from.

Finding The Right Electric Garage Door For You

Choose Garage Door Size

Depending on the size of your opening, you’ll need to choose a door size. Our Garage Doors come in three size categories; Single (up to 2.6m wide), Large (up to 3.3m wide) and Extra Large (up to 4.6m wide). All doors can also be made up to 2.6m high.


Choose Your Slat Size

You’ll have the choice of slats that are 55mm or 77mm. 55mm slats are a great choice for smaller doors that fall into the category of Single Garage Doors.

Your Garolla installer will advise you on the best slat thickness for your home, but we tend to recommend the wider 77mm slat for Large and Extra-Large Garage Doors.


Choose Your Garage Door Colour

Your home is a part of yourself, and the colour scheme you choose can define you more than you think. We offer 16 different roller shutter door colours, from Moss Green to Anthracite Grey. There’s a colour for every home and everyone’s personal taste.


Roller Garage Door Extras

There are a number of optional extras to choose from after you’ve selected your colour and sizes. We offer a secure external override system that means you can gain access to your garage, even in the event of a total power cut, whilst remaining secure.

If you have small children or pets and want to ensure they’re safe from the closing door, you can also opt for an additional safety feature. This will automatically stop the door from closing if it comes into contact with something.


To design your door, visit our door designer on the Garolla Homepage, or call 0800 4681982 for a free quote over the phone.