When it comes to looking for a new door for your garage, there are a number of factors that need to be considered before making a final decision, such as opting for a conventional garage door, or an electric roller garage door.


After that there are questions around how secure the door is, how simple they are to use, and much more which we will be addressing in this blog post. To simplify things to help you reach a decision, we will be splitting this post into five parts, security, ease of use, efficiency, installation and pricing.

Everything You Need To Know About A Garolla Electric Roller Garage


How secure is an electric roller garage?


When looking at reasons to purchase a new garage door, security is usually the main reason. Protecting your home and your possessions should always be a concern for a homeowner, and securing one of the few entrances to your house with a robust and secure door is a priority.


When using an electric garage door, the door is split into several slats, allowing it to roll up when the garage is open. Each slat that makes up a roller shutter garage door is made from high quality, twin walled aluminium that is strong and sturdy, providing superior protection than a standard, single door that you would find on most garages. Just by design, a roller garage door is more secure than a traditional one as it does not have a handle or visible locks on the outside that could attract a thief. Another potential point of entry a thief may consider is from the bottom on a traditional garage door, but on an electric roller door, the bottom slat in particular is reinforced with high strength end locks to prevent it from being forced open. 


Additionally, every Garolla garage door we fit rolls into an octagonal shape, which is more secure than your average round barrel that most other garage doors feature. Backed up with a patented lock and an optional automated stop system you can sleep soundly knowing your garage and its content is being kept secure by a reinforced electric roller door.


How easy is an electric roller garage door to use?


Garage Doors are often a blunt and brutish feature of your home, overlooked as an anonymous necessity. They can also be clunky, stubborn and awkward to use. But we don’t allow any of our other homeware to be anything less than convenient and attractive, so why allow our roller garage doors to be?


An electric roller garage door from Garolla is effortless to use and smooth to operate, featuring a simple wireless remote operating device to open your garage door from inside your car.  Simply use the car-key-sized controller to operate the reliable electric motor inside your electric garage door. These roller shutter garage doors also feature an ‘electric eye’ system that detects objects under the shutter curtain and stops the motor before it touches anything in the way. This is perfect if you’ve got small children or free-roaming pets.

roller garage door pricing
Roller Garage Doors With Simple, Transparent Pricing

Electric roller garage doors offer a  compact design, PUR/PA coloured lacquer finish, and the option of a hidden internal top box, making them the perfect choice for the style-conscious or minimalist homeowner. Electric garage doors from Garolla come in a range of popular colours, chosen from architecturally relevant tones such as Anthracite Grey, Moss Green, and many more. They’re also designed to be visually appealing in design, with aluminium slats specially made to resist weathering and to maintain the appropriate level of security.


How efficient is an electric roller garage?


For garages that connect to the home, the thermal efficiency of your electric roller door can be the difference between keeping warm this cold season and having an indoor winter wonderland. To ensure this doesn’t happen, electric roller doors are fitted with several slats that are usually insulated using CFE free foam. This helps to reduce heat loss, while also improving sound insulation. Draft protected, electric roller doors from Garolla are fitted with a rubber seal that prevents draughts and water from invading your garage.


When it comes to getting an Electric Roller Door, you need to trust that it will enhance both your garage’s style and thermal efficiency. By using an electric roller door compared to a standard garage door, you can improve the thermal efficiency of your garage, and therefore your home. The bottom slat of the electric roller door is fitted with a rubber seal which is there to prevent drafts from entering under the door. It can also help prevent any flooding from coming in from outside.


If your garage is connected directly to your home, it is even more significant that your garage is sufficiently thermally efficient. Not only do insulated roller garage doors help reduce your overall heating bills, but they also ensure that your home isn’t impacted heavily by the temperature of your garage.


How easy is it to install an electric roller garage door?


Before going to install your electric roller garage door, you need to decide what it is going to look like. This is often the most enjoyable part of getting a new garage door and is one that normally requires some serious thought.


After choosing what your roller garage door is going to look like, you will need to measure the size of your garage’s entranceway or have the installer do this for you.


These measurements are then used in the manufacturing process, and based on your garage’s exact specifications, a custom-built electric roller garage door will be created. Installing the doors is incredibly simple, as your installer from Garolla will handle it all for you. Arriving at the pre-arranged time on the day of your installation, your local fitter is ready to start the installation, and shouldn’t take more than a few hours to complete. Your installer will even dispose of your old garage doors free of charge.


And, once the installation is complete, they will talk you through how to use your Garage Doors. Don’t worry, this only takes a few minutes and before you know it you are ready to enjoy your new Garolla Garage Doors.


How much does an electric roller garage door cost?


When it comes to discovering how much an electric roller garage door costs, there are more factors than just the door itself that need to be considered. It is not just the door as a product that you are purchasing, and you need to consider the measuring and fitting feature within the price of your electric roller garage door, as well as VAT. There is also the delivery and guarantees that need to be accounted for.


When it comes to pricing, at Garolla we believe in being crystal clear about all of our prices, which is why we display them right on our website. This price includes measuring, fitting, delivery, VAT and we will also remove your old garage door for you. So, the price you’re quoted is the price you pay, no hidden costs.


If an electric roller garage door is something that you are interested in, and want to know more about, simply visit our website, where you will be able to see all our electric roller garage door prices.

Alternatively, you can call our friendly customer service team on 0800 4681982 to find the best Roller Garage Door for your home.