Customisation at Your Fingertips: Tailoring Your Electric Garage Door

Garolla's online garage door customisation builder

Gone are the days of having to settle for one-size-fits-all when buying your new garage door; a world of personalisation awaits where you can craft a door that perfectly complements your style and home's aesthetic. 

Here at Garolla, as well as having a range of state-of-the-art safety and security add-ons to choose from, we also offer a wide range of colours for your new garage door. 

Diverse Range of Colours

Your Garolla garage door doesn't have to blend into the background. It's time to inject a vibrant splash of personality into your home's appearance. Our colour palette lets you choose from a range of shades, each ready to transform your garage door into a masterpiece.

With colours ranging from Anthracite Grey to Chartwell Green, you have full control over your garage’s new look. 

But the magic doesn't stop at our range of colours. All Garolla doors are powder-coated, ensuring exceptional durability and weather resistance. Your chosen shade will stay vibrant and eye-catching for years to come, shrugging off rain and snow with ease.

Garage Door Models

Say goodbye to clunky swing doors and hello to smarter, sleeker electric roller garage doors. With our electric garage doors, you can transform your garage from a cramped storage space into a place of functionality and style.

Whether you prioritise maximising space or enhancing security, we have the perfect door to unlock your garage's true potential.

Maximise Your Space

Our roller shutter doors reclaim up to 25% of usable space in your garage! Their compact opening mechanism rolls neatly upwards into an enclosed top box to free up valuable space. That means no more contorting around bulky doors which open into your garage and all their framework! With our roller garage doors you can park larger vehicles, store items overhead, or even create a dedicated work area.

Uncompromising Security and Safety

Peace of mind is paramount when it comes to your garage. Our Transform Pro door takes security to the next level, boasting higher-density foam, compared to our Transform garage door, for enhanced insulation and sturdier guide rails for improved resistance to forced entry.

Sleek And Strong

Our Titan door is the first of our sleek 77mm slatted garage doors, gliding effortlessly upwards to reveal a clean-lined profile. But don't let this elegance fool you – the Titan's robust aluminium construction and powerful motor ensure smooth operation and long-lasting durability.

Ultimate Strength and Insulation

If you demand the absolute best in terms of strength and thermal efficiency, the Titan XL reigns supreme. This door also has 77mm slats and double-density polyurethane insulation, making it suitable for the widest openings.

Here at Garolla, we understand that your garage door means more than just security. So, explore our product range, discover the perfect fit for your needs, and experience the Garolla difference.

Unlock Additional Customisable Features

We have a selection of add-ons that can further enhance your new garage door. 

Elevate security with SafeGuard Plus. This is a standard safety feature for the Transform Pro, Titan and Titan XL doors, and can be added to our Transform door with ease upon request. You can also enjoy keyless entry and extra protection with a wireless keypad and alarm.

Our garage doors can also be upgraded with external overrides, additional remote fobs and deeper guide rails (where applicable).

Customise Your Garage Door With Our Online Builder

Check out our garage door builder to visualise your dream electric garage door. Choose from our range of doors, enter in your garage opening size, flick between colours to match your home and then select from our range of add ons before receiving a price estimate and option to book a survey with your local engineer.

Made-to-Measure Precision

At Garolla, we believe your garage door deserves unparalleled precision. That's why we don't simply sell electric garage doors; we craft them to suit your garage's unique dimensions. 

Our expert team of engineers conduct meticulous surveys and precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit for your garage. We then carefully craft our doors in our Yorkshire factory adhering to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Garolla's Commitment to Customisation

We are dedicated to providing homeowners with the ultimate flexibility in customising their electric garage doors.

Collaborate with our team of experts to create an electric garage door that perfectly complements your home's aesthetic. We guarantee to provide personalised consultations, expert installation and unmatched customer service.

Get in touch to experience the Garolla difference.