Is your garage looking tired? Paint flaking off? Door handle hanging by a thread?

Why not invest in a Garolla Garage Door and reap the many benefits these state-of-the-art electric doors possess. Our staggering before and after photos speak for themselves, the transformative power of a roller shutter garage door really knows no bounds.



Before And After: Garolla Garage Door Edition 01
Before you choose the perfect Garolla Garage Door for you, there are a number of things to consider.

Our beautiful range of garage doors are available in 18 colours, from rich Anthracite Grey to vibrant Moss Green, we have a colour to suit all styles, aesthetics and budgets. There are also two types of finishes to choose from. A plain finish for a focus on colour, or a woodgrain finish that emulates real wooden materials.

The size of your garage will also have an impact on which garage door you decide to purchase. For small garages up to 2.6m wide we use 55mm “Family collection” meanwhile we recommend our 77mm “Silverback collection” for garages up to 4.6mm. This helps to keep your electric garage doors as strong and secure as possible.

The final thing you need decide is your extras. Your Garolla electric garage door will come with two remote controls as standard, but for those who want to keep a few extra for spares you do have the option to have up to four. Perfect for bigger families. And for those who only have one access point into their garage we suggest installing an external override. This ensures that you will always have access to your garage in case of an emergencies such as a power cut.



Before And After: Garolla Garage Door Edition 02
After your Garolla garage has been installed sit back and enjoy your new and improved garage.

With superior security systems, your new garage door will keep your prized goods safe and sound from any tampering and theft. Made from twin-walled aluminium, a patented octagonal barrel system and reinforced locks our garage doors can’t be pushed out of place and offer exceptional security compared to your average electric garage door.

And with superior thermal efficiency features, you’ll be saving money every single month after you install your Garolla Garage Door. Fitted with a rubber seal and utilising CFE-free foam these garage doors minimise heat lost, the perfect solution if your garage is attached to your home.

A Garolla Garage Door has the power to overhaul your home and give you that fresh, modern look you’ve been craving. With all prices displayed clearly on the website, it’s never been easier to transform your home.


For information check out our website, or alternatively give our friendly customer care team a call on 0800468 1982.