When it comes to Electric Roller Garage Doors we believe that ours are the best in the business. But, to prove it here are 9 facts about our Garage Doors.

There are two ways to receive your Roller Shutter Garage Door quote, which are as follows:

9 Facts About Our Electric Roller Garage Doors

(1) They are manufactured at our head office

On our Garolla website, we give you the option to design your new Roller Shutter Garage Door on our website. Here you can choose your garage doors size, the colour and add any accessories that you require so that you can see the door before you buy. Once you have designed your new garage door, you can then submit your quote with your email or contact number and a member of our team will get back to you with a quote.


(2) Only the highest quality components are used

We only use the highest quality CE marked components when manufacturing our Electric Roller Garage Doors to ensure that our doors are durable and built to last.


(3) They are electric

Our Roller Garage Doors are electric, which means that they require a power source within your garage to work. Once installed all that will be required to open and close your new door is the push of a button from inside your car.


(4) Space saving in design

As the name suggests our Roller Garage Doors roll upwards. This means that unlike traditional opening out or up and over Garage Doors you get full use of your driveway and garage with our Doors.


(5) Security and Thermal Efficiency

Thanks to modern technology within our slats, our Electronic Roller Garage Doors will help keep your garage warm and secure throughout the year.


(6) Available in a range of colours

Our Garage Doors are available in a range of stunning colours including White, Black, Silver and even wooden grain effect colours.


(7) Installed by our professional installations team

We have a team of professional installers based throughout the UK who are highly trained to fit garage doors. These installers give you the personalised service of a local service combined with the reliability of a national company.


(8) Extras Included in Our Quotes

When you receive a Roller Garage Door quote from Garolla not only does it include the Garage Door, 2 controls and an Internal Manual Emergency System, the quote also includes the fitting and a fantastic guarantee.


(9) You can design your door online

Here at Garolla, you don’t choose your new Roller Garage Door, you design it! We have an online door designer where to can create your new door so our team can get back to you with an accurate quote.


Call our team today to receive your instant over the phone quote, or visit our online Roller Garage Door designer.