When it comes to Roller Shutter Garage Doors we believe that ours are the best in the business. But, to prove it here are 7 facts about our Doors.

7 Roller Shutter Garage Doors Facts
(1) Our Garage Doors are electric, which is great for those who use their garages daily and are fed up with getting caught in the British weather. The two remote controls that come standard with our doors can be kept on your person so your garage can be opened from the comfort of your car.For safety, our controls have a feature a hold to run system, which means that that shutter door will automatically stop when you take your finger off the button.

(2) Here at Garolla, our auto-locking system that features an octagonal barrel and contributes to the security that your garage offers is patented. Meaning you won’t get this kind of security from any other Roller Garage Door company.To further ensure the security of your garage all of the laths that make up the shutter are created from strong aluminium. With the bottom lath being held in place using high strength end locks that help to stop it from being forced out of place.

(3) With a total of 18 different Roller Garage Door colours to choose from, the hardest part of the Garage Door process is choosing which one you want. This change includes a number of traditional colours as well as 4 realistic textured wood-grain effects also available.To ensure that all Garolla products keep their good looks for as long as possible, their slats are coated with an anti-corrosive, abrasion resistant paint. Being low maintenance, our doors are also extremely easy to clean, all they require is a wipe down from time to time.

(4) Our Roller Garage Doors are made to measure and can be manufactured to almost any size. So, whether you have a single garage or a double garage that you need securing we’ve got it covered.We are able to manufacture our Roller Garage Doors in such a vast array of sizes because of the 2 different lath sizes that we offer. These are our 55mm and our 77mm laths, with the larger of the two being used for double garages due to the increased strength and security that they offer.

(5) Unlike other styles that open outwards or are up and over doors, ours roll straight up from the floor and into the confined barrel at the top making them space saving in designs.This modern opening method allows cars to be parked as close to the garage as you wish, whilst it is still able to open, making the most of internal; and external garage space. It also allows for the full headspace of a garage to be utilised.

(6) Thanks to their excellent thermal efficiency, our Roller Garage Doors help insulate against sound as well keeping the cold air out of your garage. both of which are highly important if your home is attached to your garage.Their thermally efficient qualities are thanks to our garage doors being insulated using CFC free foam, rubber seals and draft guides being used throughout.

(7) When you choose Garolla, you are purchasing your new Roller Shutter Garage Doors direct from the manufacturer saving you time, money and stress.Not only do we produce these high-end doors, it is our company that also conducts the quality checks, delivers the door and installs them.