Here at Garolla, we are fast becoming the market leader in electric garage doors in the UK! Not only are we a company that you can trust, we have a website that is easy to use and provides you with online quotes and have electric doors that will transform your garage in more than one way.

This week our blog is going to look at the 5 ways your new Garolla garage door will transform your garage and how you use it. With prices starting from only £500 we think that you will find it hard to say no to these fantastic doors.

5 Ways Your New Electric Garage Door Will Transform Your Garage!

Improve its secure

Our roller shutter garage doors are extremely secure and thermally efficient, which means that they are also quite heavy. Because of this, we suggest that you get some help to lift that garage door into place whilst you install it.


Improve its energy efficiency

As well as improving a garages security, our Roller Garage Doors will also help keep your garage warm. This is thanks to insulated door slats and a seal that help stop drafts and water entering your garage.


Save Space

Unlike the up and over garages our garage doors are a perfect design for smaller garages which are limited on space. Garolla roller doors allow you to have full use of your driveway and have head space too.



Expect plenty of compliments once your new garage door is installed! These Roller Shutter Garage Doors will also transform the look of your garage and your homes kerb appeal. With 18 different colours available, all of which are anti-corrosive, your garage will not only look great once it is installed but also for years to come.



Our garage doors are electric, which means that they can be operated using a remote control that can be can’t on your person or in your car. Therefore, you will never be irritated again by getting in and out of your car to open and close your garage doors.


Design your new roller shutter garage door today and find out why we are fast becoming the market leader in the UK.