This week we see the clocks go forward an hour to mark the end of winter, to celebrate we thought we would look at why our Roller Garage Doors are the future!

3 Reasons Our Roller Garage Doors Are the Future!

1. They Are Electronic

Our Roller Garage Doors wouldn’t be futuristic if they weren’t electronic. Once plugged into a power source they can be controlled by a button within your garage or a remote control that can be kept within your car. Having a wireless control means that you can forget about the days of getting in and out of your car to open and close your garage, instead it can be done from the comfort of your car.

You receive 2 controls as standard when you order your new Roller Garage Door, but for safety reasons, they cannot be cloned. However, if you need extra we can arrange this for an extra cost when you order your door.


2. They Are Space-Saving

Old style garages open outwards, which takes up space on driveways, thus you can’t park a car up to the door without moving it when it needs to be opened. Other styles of Garage Doors include the up and over garage door, these doors again wouldn’t allow a car to be parked up to the garage and look up headroom inside the garage.

A Roller Garage Door will revolutionize the way you use your garage. When they open, they roll straight upwards and round into a small top box. Which means that not only can you make the most of the headspace in your garage but also the space on your drive.


3. They Are Built To Last

A number to specialise parts, patented mechanisms and quality materials, allows these doors to mean businesses and last for years to come. Don’t believe us? All of our Roller Garage Doors come with a comprehensive guarantee at no extra cost to you. Giving you the peace of mind that our doors are built to stand the test of time.

They will, however, need the occasional clean, but as our Roller Doors are low-maintenance they don’t need much, to find out ‘How to Clean a Roller Garage Door’ please visit our blog.


Visit our door designer today to design and receive an instant quote on your new Garage Door that will transform your home.