If you are not a garage door installer, then purchasing a new garage door may be a task that you have never had to do before. This new experience isn’t made any easier by garage door jargon, the vast range of garage doors available and all of the different companies that are selling them. So how do you know which garage door is right for you?

This week here at Garolla, our blog is going to look at why our electric roller shutter garage doors are the best style of garage door, and why you should choose Garolla.

Why Choose An Electric Garage Door?
Our electric garage doors are a perfect design for smaller garages which are limited on space. Unlike the up and over garages, Garolla roller doors allow you to have full use of your driveway and have head space too; we know this is a crucial factor for those with a one car drive or households with more than one car. We are able to do this as our garage slats are able to roll up into the top box, saving you space.

Our electric garage doors are also a lot more practical than traditional doors. With one of our doors, gone are the days where you needed to get out of our car to open and close the door. Our doors are operated by a remote control that is within your car, making the process a lot quicker and easier.

As well as being extremely practical our electric garage doors are also incredible secure and thermally efficient! This is thanks to the slats of the garage door being twin-walled aluminium and are insulated using CFC free foam. The security of your garage is obviously important if you keep valuables inside your garage, but the energy efficiency is also important if you are regularly in your garage, or if your garage is attached you your home.

Here at Garolla we don’t believe in hidden costs, which is why you can receive an online quote on our website. All you have to do to receive this quote is enter your garage doors measurements and choose your garage requirements on our garage designer. The quote you will then receive is the price that you pay for the garage door you have created.


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