When To Replace Your Garage Door 


For many of us, garages are a vital part of our homes. They’re a handy space to keep your car, tools and gardening equipment protected from the elements or potential thieves. For some, a garage is an office space or even a function room. That’s why it’s incredibly important to ensure that your garage door is suitable for the task. 

It can be tricky to know when to replace your garage door, so the experts at Garolla have come up with some helpful key factors to help you decide. 



1) Your Current Garage Door Looks Old

Noticing signs of age or damage is the first sign that you need to replace your garage door. There are many different ways to determine the age of your garage door. For example, an aged door may be rusty, dented or damaged. Depending on the material, it could also be swollen or split if the door is made from wood. 

All of these components could contribute to moisture, cold air or insects getting into your garage and potentially damaging what’s inside. Old garage doors can also show signs of sun damage, such as discolouration. Over time this can start to look unattractive, affecting the overall curb appeal of your home. 

If you feel like you are constantly having to make repairs to your garage door, then it’s probably time to upgrade. Regular maintenance or fixing costs can add up over time, so you could be better off by saving the hassle and investing in a new garage door instead. 

With a new door for your garage, you’ll also be able to save time. Instead of having to spend precious days off trying to mend and complete maintenance, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy your new garage door. 


2) It Makes Too Much Noise 

A garage door that’s in great working order should make little to no noise. Whether you live on a quiet street or a busy development, the last thing you want is to be responsible for waking the neighbours everytime you open or close your garage. 

There’s nothing worse than a squeaky door, especially when you’re trying to be quiet. Roller garage doors from Garolla are designed to work as smoothly and quietly as possible, making everyday life that bit easier – and a lot more quiet! 


3) Your Garage is Too Cold 

If you’re noticing higher heating bills than usual, the thermal efficiency of your garage is worth looking into. Heat can escape through a poorly insulated garage door, which can affect the way your home as a whole retains heat. 

This can cause higher heating or energy bills, which is not the best solution. With a new garage door from Garolla, you can say goodbye to cold draughts. This is because our garage doors are insulated using CFE-free foam in every slat, ensuring that your garage will maintain the set temperatures. 

Should your garage be attached from your home, it’s still a good idea to ensure good thermal efficiency. Depending on the contents of your garage, you may want to prevent it from getting too hot or too cold. By having properly insulated garage doors, it will provide suitable protection from extreme weather conditions. Plus, you’ll never need to walk into a chilly garage again. 

Trying to live more green can also be made easier with a well insulated garage door. If you have a home with an adjoining garage, energy efficiency can be tricky. With older doors there is no insulation, meaning that cold air can easily invade your home. Our garage doors help retain heat for your home, leading to less energy consumption.


4) It’s Just Not Your Style

Moving into a new home is always exciting, but it’s common knowledge that the previous owner’s taste and decor may not be to your liking. This might affect your garage door too. Updating your garage door will add style and curb appeal to your home whilst also providing strength and longevity. 

Not only will you be adding a polished look to your garage with a new door, but you’ll also be gaining substance too. If you’re trying to attract buyers to your home, then a new and attractive garage door will definitely catch a few eyes. 

Garolla garage doors are made from high quality materials, ensuring that they provide reliable and long-lasting protection against the elements. This means that they look great when installed, and stay looking great for years to come.


5) The Door is an Effort to Open

Are you still having to pull or shut heavy doors every time you use your garage door? Well thanks to advancements in technology, you can now experience remote controlled roller garage doors. With these doors you’ll be able to move in and out of your garage much easier and safely carry out tasks completely hassle free. 

Say goodbye to straining your back and shoulders every time you have to pry open your old creaky garage door. Simply click a button and watch your garage door fold up into itself with our efficient roller design.

If you already have an electric garage door, and it takes ages to close or it shuts too fast, it could be a sign of serious internal problems. Issues with opening or closing should be addressed immediately, as failure to solve the problem can cause damage to people and vehicles. Not only this, but faulty opening and closing can also leave your home vulnerable to potential break-ins. 


6) It Doesn’t Offer Security and Safety

Your home is your castle, that goes for your garage too. It’s important to ensure that your garage door is strong and sturdy enough to protect your valuables. If your garage is connected to your home then security is even more important. Around 10% of all home invasions start from the garage, as criminals can target them as weak spots. 

Perhaps you keep expensive equipment such as machinery, instruments or even a vintage car in your garage. If that’s the case, then you’ll want the best protection for them. 

If you often find yourself constantly checking your garage door’s security is still intact, or you’re losing sleep over whether or not your valuables are safe, then it’s definitely time to replace your garage door. 

At Garolla, we manufacture garage doors with security at the forefront of our minds. Replacing your garage door will provide you with ultimate peace of mind, protecting what matters most to you. 


Final Thoughts

Deciding when to replace your garage door has never been easier thanks to Garolla. Experience peace of mind, ease of use and an all round better garage to keep your belongings safe and secure. You’ll be impressed with what we have on offer. 

We hope that this article has helped you decide if it’s time for you to invest in a new Garolla garage door for your home. Book a survey with our team today, and find out how one of our doors can improve your home!