Every roller garage door that leaves our specialist facility in Leeds bears the Garolla name, which means a number of things; it lives up to our high standards, features state of the art technology and will help you make your home a little more secure, warm and safe.

The Ultimate Electric Garage Door?

High Quality Roller Shutter Doors

You can’t slap a Garolla badge on just anything, you know! Before they receive the seal of approval, each of our doors must pass stringent quality control stations and a final, in-depth assessment from our eagle-eyed QC department.

It’s this commitment to quality that has made us a big name for roller garage doors in the UK, with customers turning to us for high-end products that won’t break the bank.


Our Electric Garage Door Features

With such an emphasis on quality, you could be forgiven for thinking that our garage doors are simple and a little low on features. This isn’t the case. In fact, Garolla garage doors are full modern technology that makes them reliable, efficient and safer than regular garage doors.

With a high density insulated slats, our roller garage doors combat the cold and help to keep your home warm. They also come with a manual override so you can operate your door in the event of a power cut, a necessity for those who don’t have a separate exit from their garage.

Then there’s the wireless remote control that can be used to operate your garage door form your car, something you’ll thank us for when the weather goes back to being a heady mixture of freezing and drenching!

There’s even the option to have a safety edge fitted to the door. This prevents the door from continuing to close if it comes into contact with anything on its way down and is a must if you have adventurous pets or curious kids!

Finally, there’s our patented locking system that prevents the door from being forced up or out of its runners. This comes as standard on every Garolla roller shutter garage door and is a safety feature that could be the difference between a stolen car and a confused, defeated burglar.


How Much Does an Electric Garage Door Cost?

Our roller garage door prices vary depending on the options, size, slat size and colour you decide on. However, you’ll always be given a fully transparent price, with no salesperson trickery. In fact, we don’t employ salesmen so you won’t have the head ache of batting away ‘special offers’ or optional extras that you ‘need’.

Instead, you’ll call for a chat with our customer enquiries team, telling them exactly what you want and they’ll do their best to make it happen. Then they’ll link you up with our local Garolla installer in your area who will measure up, discuss your options, and fit your new garage door!


If you’re interested in finding your future garage door, or you just one some more information, without the pushy hard-sell tactics of other door companies, give us a call on 0800 4681982.