Garage doors don’t always work as they are supposed to. During a garage door’s lifetime, it’s bound to break down and have issues at some point. But how do you know when you need to replace your garage door or repair it? It’s important to identify as repairing your garage door might not be as costly as having to have the whole door replaced. A banged-up garage door could also have an impact on your kerb appeal, deterring people and buyers from your home.


You need to know whether it is worth repairing or replacing your current garage door and how you can repair it or find a replacement. Through this article, we will go into how to tell when you can repair your garage door or if you need to replace it with a newer, safer model.


How to know when to replace or repair your garage door 


There are lots of reasons why your garage door could be damaged or why it won’t open or close. It could be caused by misaligned tracks, broken cable, broken springs and the wear and tear of rollers and hardware. So the first thing you need to evaluate is the severity of the damage. Minor damage if not repaired could lead to more issues further down the road.


Once you evaluate the exact damage that has been done to your garage door, you then start to calculate the costs based on the age of your garage door and the damage. This is important because you could potentially either be paying a small amount simply on repairs or you might need to replace your entire garage door unit.


Identifying the severity of the garage door damage 


There are three types of damage that you can attribute to your garage door. This will help inform you whether you need to replace or repair your garage door.


Minimal damage

Minimal damage to your garage door may be visible but will only cause aesthetic damage and not have a long-lasting effect on the functionality of the garage door. Minimal damage will consist of paint chippings or fading, or cracks in the door. If the damage is minimal you would be better off simply repairing the garage door and replacing it may be a bit far.


Moderate damage 

Moderate damage can cause issues with the structural integrity of the garage door as well as its functionality. This could be where the garage door has been warped or bent or serious rusting. This won’t make your door secure and definitely will not be suitable for keeping thieves or intruders out. Here you will need to replace your garage door.


Severe damage 

Severe damage to your door is a big problem, but how can you tell if the damage is severe. Severe damage could be broken springs, tracks, or anything functionally wrong with the door. This could mean your garage door won’t open or close properly either. Inevitably a severely damaged door will need to be replaced not just for safety but for security as well.


Examining the damage to your garage door


Now you can determine just what type of damage has been caused to your door it’s important to think about the costs and practicalities of replacing or repairing your garage door.


What is the cost of the damage?


So how much will it cost you to repair your garage door? Well, depending on the extent of the damage, it’s quite easy to calculate. For all your basic repairs like repainting, or filling in cracks and any other damages to your garage door. The minimum you could pay would be around £100 depending on the extent of the damage. However, if the damage is severe it could end up costing you around £800 including labour charges. This is why it would be more worthwhile to simply replace your garage door to avoid the high cost of repair.


How old is your garage door?


Now age is a big factor when deciding to either replace or repair your garage door. For example, if you have a garage door that is over 20 years old that is damaged you will have more of an incentive to replace your garage door. If your garage door is a lot newer it will be better to simply repair the damage. So definitely consider the age of your garage door before making your decision.


Repairing your garage door 


There are some common repairs you can do for your garage door without having to break the bank. Here are a few easy repairs you can make to freshen up your garage door.


Scratches and cracks in the paint. Throughout your garage door’s lifespan, it’s certain to pick up a few scrapes and the paintwork may be fading. You don’t need to replace anything if this is the case, just freshen it up with a lick of paint.


Jammed garage door. For a jammed garage door, you may only need to do very little maintenance by cleaning the mechanisms and tracks around the garage door. You can remove any obstructions or dirt to get your garage door to open and close smoothly. If it is still jammed or stuck it may be worth phoning a professional for help.


Not fitting in the door frame. If your garage door is not fitting in the frame properly, it is as simple as having a few screws loose that are causing it not to open or close properly. Causing it to not fit into the frame. Tighten all the screws and springs and this should amend the issue.


Replacing your garage door


Sometimes the life of a garage door may come to end either due to old age or severe damage. But no matter, once you have decided that it will be more cost-effective to replace your garage door instead of repairing it, it’s time to choose which garage door will be best for you. There is a range of garage doors out there you can look for such as roller garage doors, automatic, or static garage doors. However, choosing which garage door would be best for you will depend entirely on your home layout and preferences.


Maintaining your garage door 


Maintaining your garage door is essential for ensuring it has a long lifespan. There are also some really good preventative maintenance measures you can do to keep your garage door in good nick and working as it is supposed to. Here are a few easy maintenance tips.


Checking cables – Cables are subject to wear and tear over time and can become damaged. An easy way to protect your cables is by regularly checking for any fraying or damage and getting them replaced at the first sign of anything serious.


Maintaining rollers and tracks – These areas are magnets for debris and muck that could cause issues to their functionality. Make sure you keep these areas of your garage door clean and remove anything that could prevent them from working properly. You should consider lubricating them as well just to reduce wear and keep the tracks running as smoothly as possible.


Check for loose screws – Over time brackets and screws can become loose on the tracks of the garage door and could cause problems later on. Check all the brackets and screws you can and make sure they are all aligned and tightly in place.


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